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Review: Prom

When you specifically take note of a fly landing on a rice krispy treat, you know a film is lacking big time. Well, that rice krispy treat sat on a buffet table at a party in the movie Prom and the thought of a student eating that tainted treat was the most emotionally stimulating point of the film. Think that was intentional?

Who’s ready for that magical time of year, Prom? Well, these students are – kind of. It’s just about time for the big night and the occasion has these kids stressed out to the max. First, there’s Nova (Aimee Teegarden), the quintessential perfect student. On top of getting excellent grades and having a great reputation, Nova also heads up the prom committee. Everything is going swimmingly until someone accidently ignites the prom decorations. When Nova’s prom committee refuses to donate more time to rebuild, Principal Dunnan (Jere Burns) assigns the school bad boy, Jesse (Thomas McDonell), to help out despite both his and Nova’s resistance.

Meanwhile, hotshot jock Tyler (DeVaughn Nixon) is juggling two ladies, his long-time girlfriend, Jordan (Kylie Bunbury), and sophomore Simone (Danielle Campbell). While Simone is tempted to be with the big man on campus, she’s also developing feelings for a nerd her own age, Lucas (Nolan Sotillo). Lucas is thrilled to get some attention from his crush, but when he starts to neglect his best buddy, Corey (Cameron Monaghan), it causes a rift in their friendship. Mei is also struggling with the decision of weather or not to attend her dream school, Parsons, or to push that aside to follow her boyfriend, Justin (Jared Kusnitz), to Michigan. Then there’s Rolo, who, well, eats Rolos and takes supermodels to prom.

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