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Perri’s Top 10 Movies of 2013

Top_Ten_of_2013-176x3002013 marks my fifth year working as a film critic and reporter and I’m proud and very thankful to say it was the best yet. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work alongside some fiercely talented friends and colleagues, interview some of the most esteemed talent in the industry, attend events like SXSW, San Diego Comic Con and Cinema Con, and, perhaps most importantly, see a number of films that I’ll carry with me well beyond 2013.

I am endlessly grateful to spend each and every day doing what I love and am thrilled to celebrate cinematic achievements like these …

10. VHS 2

VHS” put the horror anthology format back on the map, but “VHS 2” solidifies it as a feature structure that can rival traditional narratives. The wraparound component still isn’t quite there, but all four shorts in the sequel are highly creative, entertaining and memorable. Adam Wingard delivers a typical haunted house scenario but within a new, intriguing framework, Gregg Hale and Eduardo Sanchez put an entirely fresh spin on the zombie genre and Jason Eisener offers up a stunningly stylized alien invasion that rocks some of the feature’s most unforgettable sounds and visuals, but the best of the bunch is definitely Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto’s “Safe Haven.” You think you’ve seen it all? Evans and Tjahjanto put the large majority of third act massacres to shame. “Safe Haven” is the one that will blow your mind, but all four short films are impeccably structured and loaded with remarkably unique plot points, turning the full feature into a beautifully sick and twisted film that’ll give you a good scare and/or having you shouting something to the effect of, “No way!,” the entire way through.

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