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Review: Griff The Invisible

Sure, it’s fun watching the DC and Marvel men run around with their massive biceps, annihilating villains with otherworldly powers and weapons, but it’s Hollywood’s obsession with the surreal that makes a more modest superhero production like Griff the Invisible all the more appealing. No, Griff doesn’t fly, crush monsters or become invisible for that matter, but the guy is able to use his lack of extraordinary abilities to more impressively sway us with the ordinary.

Griff’s (Ryan Kwanten) got it rough. Not only is he stuck at a desk all day, but he’s also the office recluse. When he’s not hiding out in his cubicle or getting picked on by office bully, Tony (Toby Schmitz), Griff’s at home monitoring his high tech computer system and radars, keeping an eye on the area for any criminal activity. Why? Because when Griff’s not at work, he’s the superhero Griff the Invisible.

Well, actually, he’s not invisible just yet, but he does have a slew of the traditional superhero goodies like a killer costume and some wicked battle skills. Problem is, his identity isn’t really a secret. His brother, Tim (Patrick Brammall), knows what he’s up to and, thanks to the problems Griff’s moonlighting habits caused in the past, he doesn’t think it’s a particularly healthy side job. However, in Tim’s effort to nudge Griff in a more “normal” direction, he winds up introducing him to one of few people who not only accepts Griff for who he is, but encourages it, Melody (Maeve Dermody).

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SDCC 2011: Interview With Griff The Invisible Director Leon Ford

Who wants to grow up? There’s so much fun to be had as a kid with games, toys and imagination, it’s a wonder that more folks out there aren’t like Griff of Leon Ford’s Griff the Invisible. Okay, perhaps Griff is a bit of an extreme, but the concept of holding onto a childhood dream is something just about everyone can relate to to a degree.

A bit of a recluse, Griff (Ryan Kwanten) hides in his office cubicle during the day, but, at night, he heads home to man his computer station, monitoring the local area for crime. When something pops up on his radar, he suits up and hits the streets to save the innocent. Griff’s brother, Tim (Patrick Brammall) knows of his secret identity and insists Griff ditch the late night gig. It isn’t until Griff meets Melody (Maeve Dermody) that he finally has someone to share the crime-fighting part of his life with, whether or not it’s all one big delusion.

With Griff the Invisible’s August 19th US release right around the corner, Ford came to San Diego Comic Con to let Griff meet the masses. The film screened a few times at the Gaslamp 15 and, just before one of the final sessions, Ford took the time to sit down and talk about the process of making Griff from beginning to end. He touches upon what sparked the idea, finding his leading man and so much more. He even reveals the status of his upcoming project, a feature length version of the short film “The Mechanicals,” which is expected to go into production in the near future.

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