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Review: This Means War

Every holiday we get some films that merely exploit the time of year, and you know what? There’s really nothing wrong with that. The industry isn’t just about Oscar quality material and films that enlighten. Sometimes you just need some good entertainment and a film about two guys fighting over one girl should nestle in quite nicely on Valentine’s Day. Then again, so should some lovely homemade cookies. Well, unless you burn them.

FDR and Tuck (Chris Pine and Tom Hardy) are glorified secret agents – good looking, suave and they carry guns. They’re assigned to take down Heinrich (Til Schweiger) and his brother, Jonas, in a covert operation. However, one thing leads to another, and the duo has no choice but to dash through a packed club, guns blazing, taking down Jonas while Heinrich escapes. Their boss, Collins (Angela Bassett), isn’t happy with the display and punishes them by banishing them to desk duty.

During their downtime, Tuck opts to fill the void left by his ex-wife by going on a dating site. Meanwhile, Trish (Chelsea Handler) opts to take Lauren’s (Reese Witherspoon) love life into her own hands and signs her up for the same dating website. Turns out, Lauren and Tuck are a match and the two hit it off on their very first date. Problem is, right after Lauren leaves that date, she bumps into FDR, something ignites and Lauren becomes involved with both Tuck and FDR. When the guys find out they’re dating the same girl, they decide may the best man win and, with the help of their CIA resources, go head to head in a battle to win Lauren’s heart.

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