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The Hunger Games Countdown: Set Pictures, Shooting Schedule Breakdown and Potential Story Additions

For the first time in months, there is no Hunger Games casting news to report. Well, there was that item claiming that Tim Taylor snagged a part as a Gamemaker, but as Lionsgate has yet to confirm the news, we’re going to let that one be for the time being. So, for two weeks, The Hunger Games has gone without adding any new faces and, well, that’s the nature of filmmaking. Now that we’re beyond the casting stages, there’s other items pouring in, namely reports from the set.

For the past few weeks production has been hot and heavy in Shelby, North Carolina. About a month ago, the crew began invading the town, throwing up roadblocks left and right and since, we’ve been fortunate enough to catch glimpses of Panem coming to life.

Much of the Shelby filming seemed to revolve around the portions that play out in Katniss and Peeta’s home district. One of the first notable images to hit the web was of a structure labeled “District 12,” right beside some train tracks nonetheless. Sure enough, an image of a train car branded with the Capitol logo surfaced soon after, which leads me to believe the rumors are true; Shelby was the shooting location for the reaping scene after which poor Katniss and Peeta board a train to the Capitol for the Games. Also falling in line with this supposed shooting schedule is the appearance of Elizabeth Banks in full Effie Trinket attire. Unfortunately, Lionsgate requested that both the shots of Banks as Effie and the Capitol logo be tucked away for the time being, but if you were lucky enough to catch them while they were live, you know that the production is moving in the right direction – visually at least.

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