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Interview: The Hunger Games’ Tara Macken

Sure, acting is cool; you get to be the face of a movie and play great characters, but there are also a ton of restrictions when it comes to doing your own stunts. You can’t have your lead actor taking much of a risk, right? In come stunt doubles like Tara Macken.

Macken’s done stunt work on a slew of projects including NikitaThe Lincoln LawyerIn Time and more, and now she’s adding The Hunger Games to her list. Macken is on board as one of District 4’s tributes, a tribute that quickly rises to the top, joining those born and bred for the games, The Careers.

Macken really gets the best of both worlds when it comes to The Hunger Games. She’s representing a district and is taking on the role all on her own, but also gets to unleash some of her wicked action and combat abilities. In honor of the film’s approaching March 23rd release, Macken took the time to dish on her experience making the movie as well as her rise to the top in the stunt industry.

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‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: Catching Fire At San Diego Comic-Con

News has been rather slow lately, but, just in time for San Diego Comic Con Lionsgate opted to fire things up with a brand new poster (and a motion poster at that!) Love for The Hunger Games aside, this is a really beautiful piece of promotional material. As a standard stagnant design, it’s quite stimulating, boasting rich detail. Toss in the motion and music aspects and you’ve got something that’s not just fun to look at, but a piece with the power to convey the tone of the film.

The Hunger Games at San Diego Comic Con

Funny thing, just like the concept of the Mockingjay catches on in the trilogy, it’s taking a similar course in reality. Had you not read the books, odds are you’d have no clue what this symbol means. However, those Mockingjay pins distributed at Comic-Con were one of the hottest swag items there. There were lines of people at the Lionsgate booth waiting for them on a regular basis and I’d like to bet a large majority weren’t even familiar with the source material.

That being said, even though The Hunger Games didn’t light up Hall H, it still made quite the impact on SDCC. Lionsgate really deserves some credit in general. Not only was their booth effectively designed — with two floors and appropriate places for fans to attend signings and receive free goodies in an orderly fashion without clogging up the aisles — but the studio was just incredibly generous, something that goes a long way at an event like this. The employees were constantly handing out Hunger Games posters and Mockingjay pins and the booth was always abuzz with signing sessions, like one with Warrior’s Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy as well as a Conan the Barbarian one with Jason Momoa. And, while the setup was constantly busy, it still always felt accessible.

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‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: Bringing You Up To Capitol Consciousness

A Little Mockingjay Told Me: Welcome!

Apparently I’m not the only one who can’t get enough of this series, so in honor of the craze that is The Hunger Games book-to-film adaptation, we’re dedicating an entire column to the event, brought to you by yours truly. Welcome to The Hunger Games Countdown!

Every other week (till we get closer to release) we’ll deliver the latest in Hunger Games news, an introspective look at how particular scenes could potentially come to life on the big screen, a taste of what’s happening throughout the realm of Hunger Games fan websites and much more. To kick-start the series, we’re going to take a look back at the history of the big-screen adaptation from the very first announcement proclaiming that The Hunger Games movie was on the way.

But first, for those of you who have yet to read the book (and I maintain there’s no excuse for that), here are The Hunger Games basics …

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