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Toy Fair 2014


Toy Fair 2014: Over 30 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Toy Images Including Ronan the Accuser, Korath, Star-Lord’s Milano Ship, and More

Toy Fair 2014: Images of New Marvel Toys Featuring CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, THE AVENGERS, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, and More

Toy Fair 2014: New STAR WARS Toys Featuring STAR WARS REBELS Characters, The Command Line, Black Series Additions and More

Toy Fair 2014: Over 70 Pictures of the TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Toys Including Dinobots, Grimlock, Galvatron, Windblade, and More

Toy Fair 2014: Over 50 Pictures of KRE-O New Additions from the TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Lines


Toy Fair: Over 100 Pictures from NECA Booth Including DIVERGENT, PACIFIC RIM, ALIEN, PREDATOR, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, and More

Toy Fair 2014: Over 70 Pictures of New Figures from THE WALKING DEAD, Marvel, GODZILLA, ALIEN, BATMAN, GAME OF THRONES, STAR WARS, and More

Toy Fair: Over 250 Pictures From Convention Floor Including FROZEN, BREAKING BAD, DOCTOR WHO, SONS OF ANARCHY, ANCHORMAN 2, and More

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Interview: The Amazing Spider-Man’s Rhys Ifans

Rhys Ifans now has dozens of titles to his name, but Notting Hill still proves to be a fan favorite. While director Marc Webb does note Notting Hill as well, it’s Ifans’ ability to present a darker side and his Shakespearian pedigree in Enduring Love that influenced him to cast Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Eager to find out why his parents disappeared when he was a child, Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) search brings him to Oscorp where his father once worked alongside Dr. Curt Connors. Desperate to find a way to regrow human tissue and restore his missing arm, the threat of the termination of his research leads Connors to recklessly inject himself with his serum, successfully bringing his arm back, but also turning him into a gigantic lizard.

Rather than simply get the day off when Dr. Connors shifted into lizard mode, Ifans himself did work to influence the computer-generated performance. When Ifans wasn’t working closely with the effects team, he was spending quality time with “Kermit,” the green sock that enabled the filmmakers to remove Ifans’ arm in post-production. However, even with getting a firsthand look at what it takes to make all of this movie magic happen, seeing the final product on the big screen was the most exciting part of the process for the actor.

Hear all about that and more from Ifans himself in the interview below and be sure to catch The Amazing Spider-Man for yourself in theaters today!

Click here to watch the interview.

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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Director Marc Webb couldn’t have taken on a tougher challenge. Not only does he opt to make the leap from modest comedy to massive CGI blockbuster, but he does so with an almost entirely beloved franchise that wrapped a mere five years ago. However, when the odds are against you like that in this industry, solid filmmaking is really all you need to make a moviegoing experience worth it, even if it’s an experience you’ve been through not too long ago.

As a young boy, Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) parents left in a hurry, leaving him in the care of his Aunt May and Uncle Ben (Sally Field and Martin Sheen). Now in high school, Peter’s dealing with typical teen troubles like crushes and bullies, but the fact that his parents never gave any explanation for their disappearance still eats away at him. When he happens upon his father’s old briefcase, Peter finally might have found the clue that could lead him to answers about his parents, Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), his father’s former partner.

After weaseling his way into a tour of Dr. Connors’ laboratory, Peter gets turned around and winds up coming in contact with a radioactive spider. He thinks nothing of his spider bite until he realizes he now has incredible physical abilities allowing him to climb walls, spin webs and stop criminals. Meanwhile, Dr. Connors is in a panic as his boss is threatening to shut down his operation. Desperate to see if the serum he’s working on could help him regrow his amputated arm, he takes it himself and it’s successful – in a way.

Click here to read more.

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Interview: The Amazing Spider-Man Director Marc Webb

Regardless of intense action or amazing digital effects, moviemaking largely comes down to story telling and that’s why Marc Webb was the man to direct The Amazing Spider-Man.

The film focuses on the origins of Spider-Man. As a young boy, Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) parents up and leave without any explanation. Years later, he’s still living with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben (Sally Field and Martin Sheen) and has no idea why his parents disappeared. However, between tracking down his father’s old briefcase and getting bitten by a radioactive spider while in the lab of one of his father’s former co-workers, Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), he’s closer than ever to discovering what made his parents abandon him.

Yes there are high-flying stunts and a massive lizard, but having come off of a film like (500) Days of Summer, Webb certainly knows a thing or two about making a grounded movie, and it’s a good thing because The Amazing Spider-Man came with quite a few technical challenges that forced Webb to alter his standard filmmaking process. Check out everything Webb had to say about working with 3D technology, his honest thoughts on whether we needed another Spider-Man movie or not, working with his stars and more, and be sure to catch The Amazing Spider-Man in theaters on Tuesday, July 3rd.

Click here to read the interview.

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Interview: The Amazing Spider-Man’s Martin Sheen

According to IMDb, Martin Sheen has 230 acting titles to his name. That’s over 50 years of work! However, even with an immense amount of experience under his belt, Sheen is still in awe of the ever-changing industry and very excited about having the license to recreate a property with The Amazing Spider-Man.

When Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) parents disappear, he’s left in the care of his Aunt May (Sally Field) and Uncle Ben (Sheen). Uncle Ben assumes a fatherly role in Peter’s life, talking about girls and attempting to help him through rough spots. But, when Peter’s problems go from average teenage woes to the effects of a radioactive spider bite, Uncle Ben has a tougher time breaking through.

With The Amazing Spider-Man gearing up for its July 3rd release, Sheen sat down to talk all about working with the material, breathing new life into the story, the glorious craft service selection and, for those of you who don’t know a lick of information about Spider-Man, a little something in spoiler territory.

Click here to watch the interview.

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Interview: The Amazing Spider-Man’s Emma Stone

Emma Stone has certainly been in her fair share of films at this point, but The Amazing Spider-Man is definitely new territory. She stars as Gwen Stacy, the daughter of the police captain (Denis Leary) and the object of Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) affection. But little does Gwen know, Peter’s got baggage – gigantic lizard man-like baggage.

While The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t much like Superbad, The Help or even Zombieland, there’s something about Stone’s performance that’s appropriately consistent throughout them all. She delivers a brand new character each and every time, but beneath the surface there’s a hint of that actress we’ve come to know and love.

Click here to watch the interview.

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Interview: The Amazing Spider-Man’s Denis Leary

With things like Rescue Me and the Ice Age franchise on his resume, if Denis Leary’s kids don’t think much of what he’s done is cool, they’re incredibly tough on him. However, Leary’s finally getting a break from them thanks to The Amazing Spider-Man.

Leary steps in as Captain Stacy, the father of Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s (Andrew Garfield) crush, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), and the guy in charge when a giant lizard attacks the city. Not only does he have to decide whether or not Peter is good enough for his little girl, but he’s also got to figure out what to do with this masked vigilante who might be his only hope at keeping people safe from The Lizard.

While in New York City promoting The Amazing Spider-Man’s July 3rd release, Leary sat down to talk all about his kids’ high expectations, his producing and writing ventures and about hot cocoa, too.

Click here to watch the interview.

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