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Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Did you enjoy Sherlock Holmes? Odds are, your answer to that question will hold up for round two. Complicated plot, overly chatty characters, wicked action sequences, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows keeps your head spinning, but trumps its predecessor in the slightest by offering up a marginally more understandable scenario, keeping the banter to a minimum unless absolutely necessary and making the fight scenes all the more mesmerizing.

Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) is back and while he’s still very much on his game, there’s another player of comparable intellect – but someone with malicious intentions. When Holmes connects the dots between a number of curious and malevolent incidents including a bombing in Strasbourg and the death of an American steel tycoon, he’s lead straight to Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris).

Meanwhile, Dr. Watson (Jude Law) is enjoying some time with his wife-to-be, Mary (Kelly Reilly). While Holmes is generous enough to give the two the chance to wed, soon thereafter, he tosses poor Mary from a moving train (but with her safety in mind, of course) and travels on with Watson to take down Moriarty. With the help of a gypsy fortuneteller named Sim (Noomi Rapace), Holmes and Watson successfully put the pieces of this investigation together. The only problem is, Moriarty is always one step ahead in the game.

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Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: ‘Harry Potter’ Exits In Style

Talk about a big week of promotional material. The past seven days have been packed with brand new posters and trailers and almost all from highly anticipated upcoming releases. While it was tough narrowing down the top three items of the week, the bottom three were so glaringly obvious, it made the choice a breeze.

That being said, we’ve got a slew of honorable mentions worthy of your attention. In the poster department, we’ve got a new piece for Conan the Barbarian that’s a rather well balanced cut-and-paste job with an appealing color scheme. An internationalMuppets poster giving us exactly what we want, Muppets, Muppets and more Muppets. The main members of the gang are all accounted for in this image, hitting you with a hefty dose of nostalgia. In the teaser subsection, we’ve got two big ones, a poster for The Dark Knight Rises and one for The Thing. Of the two I prefer The Thing as it’s the more telling of the two. Plus, Inception used that whole warped skyscraper design to death.

As for trailers and clips, the semi-standouts included the new teaser for The Iron Lady starring Meryl Streep. This one could have crept into the promotions department had it not been for the soundtrack, which is distractingly similar to that of Duncan Jones’ Moon. The international trailer for The Adventures of Tintin not only rocks some stellar animation, but a nice amount of plot information, too, giving it a far stronger appeal to those unfamiliar with the source material than the teaser. Also making a positive impact is the very first clip for Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens, which appropriately sets the tone and offers a taste of what’s to come without spoiling much by going with a rather low key moment. Last is the most recent release, the trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion. Sure the piece is intriguing, but it’s hard to imagine this trailer not spoiling nearly every plot point.

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