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Review: 21 and Over

21_and_Over_PosterStreaking, excessive drinking, car chases, boyfriends trying to beat up heroes and even vicious animals on the loose – is there anything within the out-of-control party subgenre we haven’t seen? According to “21 and Over,” no, but since when does lack of novelty keep someone from going out and partying?

Miller, Casey and Jeff Chang (Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, Justin Chon) were best buddies in high school, but since heading off to college, have somewhat fell out of touch. However, there’s no better reason to reunite than to celebrate Jeff Chang’s 21st birthday. Miller and Casey opt for the element of surprise and while Jeff is thrilled to see his good ol’ pals, he can’t go out and party because he’s got a big med school interview in the morning. After a great deal of pleading and the incessant blaring of an air horn, Jeff gives in and agrees to have a single beer – that is until his legality hits him and he realizes he’s got every bar and bottle in town at his fingertips.

Similar to just about every party movie out there, “21 and Over” is an excuse to live the ultimate unrealistic bash vicariously through film. The narrative isn’t particularly believable or compelling, but Teller, Astin and Chon are talented and charming enough to keep you engaged and, for the most part, enjoying the party.

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