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Interview: Wrath of the Titans Director Jonathan Liebesman

It ain’t easy getting work in this industry, especially a film like Wrath of the Titans, but boy did director Jonathan Liebesman take on, well, a monster. While Clash of the Titans went on to make a killing at the box office, $493.2 million worldwide, many moviegoers weren’t particularly happy with the experience. In a way, not only is Liebesman responsible for making his own movie good, but also for making up for the last one a bit.

Sam Worthington is back as Perseus, who is now a father. With the gods’ power waning, Zeus (Liam Neeson), Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Poseidon (Danny Huston) are unable to maintain control of the Titans and, led by their once banished father Kronos, they threaten humanity yet again. Perseus has no choice, but to leave his son and quaint life as a fisherman behind to go head to head with some of the most vicious monsters of the underworld.

Kronos, Chimeras, Cyclopes, explosions an ever-changing labyrinth, some of the most prominent actors in the business, an extra dimension and more – forget the franchise’s past; Liebesman had his hands full regardless. Now, in honor of Wrath of the Titans’ March 30th release, Liebesman took the time to sit down and run through the entire process from the preparation needed to do 3D right to the steps to making the real world elements blend with those digitally created and much more. Check it all out in the interview below.

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Interview: Wrath of the Titans’ Toby Kebbell

We’ve still got massive monsters, powerful gods and a ton of epic battles, but director Jonathan Liebesman and co. are making big changes with their Clash of the Titans sequel, Wrath of the Titans, and one major step in the right direction is the inclusion of some comedic relief courtesy of Toby Kebbell.

Kebbell steps in as Agenor, the forgotten son of Poseidon and, therefore, Perseus’ (Sam Worthington) cousin. When the mortals stop praying to the gods, they lose their powers, leaving them helpless against the Titans. Now the safety of the world lies in Perseus’ hands, but in order to find the location at which he must start his journey, he needs the self-proclaimed Navigator, Agenor. Along with Queen Andromeda (Rosamund Pike), they trek through Cyclopes territory and on in an effort to find a way to keep the Titans and Kronos from ravaging the earth.

Sure starring in a major motion picture sounds glamorous, but in Kebbell’s case it involved being covered in mud, wearing tiny costumes in cold weather, having to hit marks perfectly for the sake of visual effects and more. However, as a guy who prefers to be on set even when he’s not called, making Wrath of the Titans was a pleasure for the actor. Read all about his experience in the interview below.

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Review: Clash of the Titans

The ‘open item’ policy at stores like Best Buy is great. Someone returns a lightly used product, it’s repackaged and resold at a lesser cost. The downside is that it’s a final sale deal. If you’re used item is actually used and abused, you’re screwed. Post-production 3D conversion is the ‘open item’ of filmmaking. You’re creating the effect of shooting in 3D, but at a lesser cost. But sadly, in Clash of the Titans’ case, 3D conversion is damaged goods and is just a gimmick, not a good deal.

The film opens with a fisherman (Pete Postlethwaite) finding a gigantic box floating in the water. He pulls his haul aboard and is surprised to find a woman and child inside. Sadly, the woman has passed, but the young boy survives. Little does this fisherman know, the boy who he adopts as his son, only survived because he’s not entirely human, he’s Perseus (Sam Worthington), the son of Zeus (Liam Neeson). During a fateful encounter with Hades (Ralph Fiennes), Perseus’ family perishes and he winds up in Argos.

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Avatar Fans Rave About Film After Midnight Screening

Avatar opened in midnight screenings early Friday, and fans leaving those screenings generally seemed to agree that the movie was worth the wait, the epic runtime and the massive budget.

One fan raved to MTV News after catching a midnight screening in New York City, saying, “The imagination that James Cameron brought about was well worth the 15 years that he put into it.”

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