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Review: Robot & Frank

A sign of an effective and touching movie? The viewer wants to be part of that world. Not only will “Robot & Frank” leave you wishing you could have a friendly robot buddy just like Frank’s, but you’ll also leave feeling as though you’ve truly experienced a part of a person’s life, and a part that’s well worth experiencing at that.

In the near future, there’s no need for in-home nursing; caretaker robots assume the responsibility of ensuring elderly clients live healthy and happy day-to-day lives. When Hunter (James Marsden) comes to the conclusion that his father Frank’s (Frank Langella) memory loss has left him unable to care for himself, Hunter buys him a robot. Frank’s furious at first, but soon comes to learn the robot has a lot to offer – maintaining a clean home, cooking tasty and nutritious meals, friendship, and picking locks.

In his younger years, Frank was a jewel thief and longs to relive his glory days. When he figures out that he’s able to manipulate the robot into doing anything as long he can make a case that it’s beneficial to his health, he looks at the robot not only as a caretaker, but a friend and partner in crime.

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Here are the Best and Worst Movie Promos of the Week

In preparation for the box office spike that’s sure to accompany the holiday weekend, we’ve got a ton of new trailers for a number of big upcoming films to note (click on the links to watch).

Total Recall unleashed a new one, honing in on some plot details and highlighting Colin Farrell’s relationships in the movie. Also in the action department is the very first trailer for the book-to-film adaptation, Alex Cross. While Tyler Perry does make an impression playing a character who doesn’t require him to don a fat suit, it’s Matthew Fox that steals the show as the disturbingly sadistic villain. Need even more brutality and carnage in your life? Check out some wicked action in the red-band trailer for RZA’s directorial debut, The Man with the Iron Fists. Veering towards the tamer and more dramatic side is the Richard Geer-starrer Arbitrage, which hints at a notably powerful lead performance.

While animated movies are generally kid-friendly, this is Tim Burton we’re talking about and the new Frankenweenie trailer shows off some pretty disconcerting looking characters. As a big baby when it comes to anything remotely sad happening to animals, Frankenweenielooks as though it’ll have no trouble making this 25-year-old cry. In the silly teen comedy section we’ve got the first trailer for Fun Size, a movie that looks to straddle the line between purely juvenile and a piece that might have something to offer to adults. Speaking of childish adults, Kevin James is back in Here Comes the Boom. Based on the new trailer, the film will boast James’ typical absurdities, but also quite a bit of heart à la cheesy sports/troubled school movies.

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