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YA Movie Countdown: Why ‘The 5th Wave’ Could and Should Be the Next Big YA Movie Franchise

The_5th_Wave_CoverAs the young-adult book-to-film mill continues to churn, we pluck out a particularly promising candidate worth keeping an eye on – Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave.


The first wave commenced when the mothership broke through the planet’s atmosphere and society went into disarray. There was martial law, incessant news coverage, and endless Internet chatter until the Others put on the finishing touch – an EMP strike knocking out all electricity, frying cars and crippling humanity.

That initial attack took out about half a million people. The second wave upped the body count big time when the Others triggered a fault line, creating a devastating tsunami. The third wave came in the form of a more intimate attack: a plague. And then, with only a fraction of the population left, the fourth wave kicked in during which the only way to survive is to trust no one.

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