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Review: Man of Steel

Man-of-Steel-Poster“Man of Steel” is like Superman taking a punch from a human; you feel nothing.

The film kicks off just as Krypton’s unstable core is about to decimate the planet. In an effort to ensure his race carries on, Jor-El (Russell Crowe) pops his newborn baby boy into a pod and ships him off to Earth. The pod lands in Kansas, right in the Kent’s backyard, and while Jonathan and Martha (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane) raise the boy as their own, they’ve also always known he’s not from here. In order to keep his origin a secret, Clark goes through school as an outcast, constantly getting picked on but unable to unleash his unearthly strength to fight back.

Now a 33-year-old man, Clark (Henry Cavill) moves from place to place, trying to keep a low profile. Trouble is, when he sees someone in trouble, he just can’t help himself. Finally Clark seizes an opportunity to learn about his real parents and home planet, but accessing that information also unleashes an unspeakable evil upon Earth, one that only he can stop.

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Tribeca Interview: Knife Fight’s Bill Guttentag, Chris Lehane and Rob Lowe

What are you going to get if you opt to catch Bill Guttentag’s Tribeca Film Festival entry Knife Fight? Guttentag’s co-writer, Chris Lehane, says it best. “Sometimes it takes the lowest blows to achieve the noblest ends.” Lehane works as a political consultant and, more bluntly, a crisis averter. When a contender’s campaign turns south via scandal, Lehane steps in to spin the situation in his or her favor.

And so is true of the star of Knife Fight, Paul Turner, played by Rob Lowe. In Paul’s case, he’s got a Kentucky governor (Eric McCormack) with a thing for young office employees and a California senator who can’t help but to take a massage a little too far. With the next election on the horizon, their only hope at holding onto their positions is if Paul, with the help of his trusty assistant, Kerstin (Jamie Chung), can work some magic.

Guttentag, Lehane and Lowe not only hit New York City to celebrate the film’s big premiere at Tribeca, but the trio also sat down to talk about the truth behind this project, the challenges of working on such a small budget with so little time, how they hope audiences will respond and more. Read all about it in the interview below.

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Tribeca Interview: Knife Fight’s Jamie Chung And Richard Schiff

I’m not as politically savvy as I’d like to be, but isn’t that part of the reason folks running for office have campaigns? Yes, the ultimate goal is to get votes, but they’re educating the public on their policies in the process. Now the question is, what happens when scandal swoops in and steals that spotlight? That’s where folks like Chris Lehane and characters like Kerstin (Jamie Chung) and Dimitris (Richard Schiff) step in.

Knife Fight stars Rob Lowe as Paul Turner, a fictional version of Lehane, the film’s co-writer. When a political candidate sleeps with a young office aide or takes a massage a little too far, Paul steps in to spin the situation in their favor. Paul’s incredibly good at what he does, but when a Kentucky governor and California senator screw up big time right before the election, there’s no way Paul can patch things up without the help of his assistant, Kerstin, and Dimitris, an operative who specializes in uncovering secrets.

Just six months away from the next presidential election, Knife Fight brings the campaign process to the forefront at the Tribeca Film Festival. In honor of the movie’s world premiere, Schiff and Chung were on hand to discuss their political knowhow, the pressure of shooting the full feature with a big ensemble cast in just a month, hopes for the film’s reception and more. Catch it all in the video interview below.

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