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Review: The Purge

The_Purge_PosterThe year is 2022 and the country’s crime rate is at an all time low thanks to an event known as The Purge. From 7pm on March 21st to 7am on March 22nd, all crime is legal. There’s no police, fire departments, or emergency medical services. For a 12-hour stretch you’re on your own and it’s up to you whether you want to lay low and hide or arm up and take advantage of the purpose of the event, to use it as a catharsis.

“The Purge” focuses on the Sandins. They’re your typical well-off family of four living in a beautiful home in a gated community. Assuming their new top of the line security system will keep them safe, come 7pm, they lock up and prepare for a quiet night in. However, when Charlie Sandin (Max Burkholder) opts to do the unthinkable on Purge night, have a heart, he manages to save one man, but put his entire family at risk by doing so.

There’s no denying that the core concept of “The Purge” is an ingenious idea, but it’s also an irrefutably tough sell. There’s absolutely no way the US government would ever sanction such an event, nor would the population ever want it, but it’s still sickly fun to wonder how you might fare during such an event. While that end of the scenario does make “The Purge” a mildly thrilling watch, it’s still nothing more than mindless entertainment because writer-director James DeMonaco misses the mark both on the satirical front and in terms of conveying the true horror of such an event, leaving the film in an awkward and often laughable middle ground.

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Screen Rant’s 10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2013

Horror-Movie-Preivew-2013Ready for a year of straight slasher flicks, horror anthologies, paranormal entities, home invasions, and more? 2013 is due to cover just about every corner of the horror genre – including remakes, adaptations, and even a few original ideas, too.

There’s dozens of prospective nightmare-inducing productions on the way (or already in theaters), but we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 that pack the most promising source material, stellar teams of talent, innovative core concepts and/or the potential for unprecedented carnage.

Check out our 10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2013.

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Review: Sanctum

Sanctum may want to be an adventure drama, but you’ve actually got to have a viable blend of action and emotion to validate that categorization. Director Alister Grierson certainly tries to achieve that denomination, but sadly, succeeds in just one respect and fails big time in the other. Which one’s the winner? Here’s a hint; if Sanctum were a silent film, it’d be quite good.

Deep inside the Esa’ala Caves in the South Pacific is a channel of tunnels that have yet to be explored. Seasoned diver, Frank McGuire (Richard Roxburgh), and his reluctant son, Josh (Rhys Wakefield), are in the midst of a mission to uncover the passageways that lead from the cave’s entrance to the open sea. The mission’s financial backer, Carl Hurley (Ioan Gruffudd), has an adventurous side as well, so decides to take his new girlfriend, Victoria (Alice Parkinson), down below to check out the progress. Unfortunately, his timing is a bit off and shortly after arriving, a furious storm bears down on the region, trapping the group below.

With the only known exit blocked, they’re forced to expedite the mission and locate the exit to the sea as fast as possible; otherwise, they could lose their lives to anything from decompression sickness to hypothermia or to sheer panic.

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Interview: Sanctum’s Alice Parkinson

It’s one thing to sign on to star in a movie, but when Alice Parkinson agreed to take on the role of Victoria in Alister Grierson’s Sanctum, she wasn’t only assuming the usual acting duties, but some serious physical training, too. Based on the true story of co-writer Andrew Wight, the film focuses on a diving team exploring a series of underwater caves. When a flash flood blocks all of their exits, the group is forced to try and navigate their way through what’s known as the least accessible series of caves in the world in order to find a way out.

With James Cameron producing the project and putting his coveted 3D photography to use, it should come as no surprise that one of the goals of Sanctum is to push the technology one step further, taking your breath away as you plunge into the depths of the caves with the diving team. You’d think a movie involving such a dangerous sport would require a hefty roster of stunt doubles, but Parkinson revealed that everything her character does on screen is all her and that meant that not only did she need to learn the ropes prior to filming, but had to keep up with the training all through the shooting process, too.

In honor of the film’s February 4th release, Parkinson took the time to tell Shockya all about her experience from her audition to the pre-filming training, down to a particularly tough scene to shoot in which Parkinson’s character has a panic attack while enduring the pounding force of a waterfall. Read all about that and much more in the interview below.

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