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Review: Battle: Los Angeles

We were so close. Thirty minutes into Battle: Los Angeles, you’re sure director Jonathan Liebesman has done it. We meet our main players, they’re sent into battle, lives are lost and you’re genuinely sick to your stomach with grief. If aliens ever did come to earth looking to take over, this is what the war would feel like. Sadly, that success is then tarnished by more of the same, unrealistic heroic garbage.

It’s August 12th, 2011 and the world is at war. What NASA suspects to be incoming meteors, turns out to be an invading alien race – a hostel one. The enemy ships assume positions near major cities across the globe and send their units in to take out everyone in sight. Our only hope for survival lies in the armed forces.

The film focuses on a particular platoon fighting the invaders in Los Angeles. Fresh out of training, 2nd Lt. William Martinez (Ramon Rodriguez) is appointed to lead a team of men at a moment’s notice. He’s joined by SSgt. Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart), a seasoned marine struggling to get past a mission gone wrong. The unit is assigned to rescue a group of civilians holed up in a police station in the middle of the mayhem. They’ve got three hours to complete the rescue and make it back to safety before an airstrike demolishes the area.

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