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Perri’s Coverage of SXSW 2014


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Review: Insidious Chapter 2

Insidious_Chapter_2_PosterThe talented team of filmmakers manage to elevate the uneven narrative, but as a dedicated fan of the original, “Insidious: Chapter 2” needed to be refined and unnervingly calculating. Instead, it’s just entertaining.

The sequel picks up right where the first film left off. Dalton Lambert (Ty Simpkins) is back from The Further, but Elise (Lin Shaye) is long gone. During the police investigation, Josh and Renai take the boys to his mother Lorraine’s (Barbara Hershey) home, but almost immediately after moving in, Renai and Lorraine come to realize that they’re still being haunted.

While Renai does her best to convince Josh that their family is at risk, Lorraine takes matters into her own hands, calls up Tucker and Specs (Angus Sampson and Leigh Whannell) and starts to investigate. With the help of Elise’s old colleague Carl (Steve Coulter), they try to put the pieces together so they can close the Lambert family’s connection to the spirit world once and for all.

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Interview: The Cast and Crew of Insidious Chapter 2

Insidious_2First it secured a slew of positive reviews, then it snagged $13.3 million its opening weekend at the box office and after that, Insidious went on to spend a whopping five months in theaters and take a total of $97 million at the world wide box office – all on a $1.5 million budget! 2011’s Insidious absolutely earned its sequel.

Insidious Chapter 2 kicks off right where the first film left off. Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) has just returned from The Further with his astral projecting son, Dalton (Ty Simpkins), and the family gets a glimmer of hope that they no longer run the risk of losing another Lambert to the spirit world. However, almost immediately after relocating to Josh’s mother’s (Barbara Hershey) house, the bumps in the night and eerie baby monitor noises are back and it becomes apparent that Josh didn’t return from The Further alone.

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3 Freaky Real-Life Warren Files That Should Be Considered for ‘The Conjuring 2’

The_Real_Ed_and_Lorraine_WarrenBack when The Conjuring was in production, the film was titled The Warren Files, and it made sense. Should The Warren Files go on to be a hit, we could have The Warren Files: Case A, The Warren Files: Case B, and so on. Even though the title was ultimately changed to The Conjuring, now that the film is a sequel-worthy success, there’s always a chance Warner Bros. could revert back to The Warren Files and create an entire film franchise chronicling the best of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

There’s no passing judgment on the Conjuring sequel until details of the new plot surface, but there’s also no denying that there’s some major potential due to the fact that the Warrens have loads of fascinatingly creepy stories and are just two admirable, interesting, and highly likable people.

Should The Conjuring 2 follow in the footsteps of many other horror hits that return for a second go-around, the sequel won’t be too far off and details could surface soon. But while we wait, let’s consider the possibilities. There’s an endless stream of information on the Warrens and their work circulating the Web and then there’s even more in books like The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, so this is only scratching the surface, but based on some preliminary research, here are three Warren-centric tales that could be worth a big-screen adaptation of their own.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Creepy Real-Life Story Behind ‘The Conjuring’

Lorainne_Warren_Vera_FarmigaThe Conjuring is an excellent film, period, but the effects of this are undeniably elevated due to the fact that it’s based on true events. As someone with a firm handle on delivering stellar scares without resorting to tacky tactics and overly grotesque imagery, director James Wan loads his latest with moments that’ll have you jumping out of your seat and/or covering your eyes. But the film’s true roots lets the material truly seep in, leaving you with much more than the thrill of a good jolt. Taking horror one step further, it has the power to make you believe.

The Conjuring’s Ed and Lorraine Warren

In the film, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga portray Ed and Lorraine Warren, a husband-and-wife team of paranormal investigators. They make house calls and usually pinpoint logical reasons for even the eeriest of bumps in the night, but every now and then they come face-to-face with something not of this world. After exorcising a demon or locking away haunted artifacts in their personal archival room, the Warrens offer lectures on their work at a local university. And that’s where Carolyn Perron (Lili Taylor) tracks them down.

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Review: The Conjuring

The-Conjuring-PosterNot only is “The Conjuring” loaded with nightmarish scenarios, but it boasts an exceptional amount of character development, making the experience far more than just a good scare, rather a truly thoughtful and all-consuming experience.

Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are a husband-wife team of demonologists. When they’re not giving lectures on their work, they’re making house calls. While the majority result in totally logical explanations for seemingly unnatural bumps in the night, occasionally they do encounter the real deal. One such case occurs when they visit the Perron family in the 1970s.

Right as they walk through the door of their new Harrisville, Rhode Island home, Carolyn and Roger Perron (Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston) and their five daughters immediately notice something isn’t quite right. Their dog acts up and they catch whiffs of a strange smell here and there, but it’s nothing they can’t blame on the mildly deteriorating condition of their new abode. However, when things turn violent and the safety of their children is clearly at risk, Carolyn tracks down Ed and Lorraine and insists they come over to assess their situation.

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From the Set of James Wan’s The Conjuring

Lili-Taylor-The-ConjuringI’d like to bet a number of you at least wonder whether or not paranormal activities really go down. No? Are you a total nonbeliever? Perhaps you should look into the work of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a husband-wife team of paranormal investigators who’ve logged some incredible, out-of-this-world happenings including the infamous Amityville Horror.

With loads of supposedly true experiences ripe for a big screen adaptation, the Warrens’ files are a Hollywood goldmine and Warner Bros. knows it. The studio now has The Conjuring on the way, a film that tells the true story of the Perrons, a family of seven living in Rhode Island that suffers at the hands of sinister spirits in their own home in the 1970s. Lili Taylor stars as the matriarch, Carolyn Perron, and Ron Livingston as her husband, Roger. Desperate to keep their children safe, Carolyn and Ron call in Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) to investigate.

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