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The Must-Have Movie Toys of Summer 2013

toystoysHalf the fun of summer blockbusters is going to see them. The other half is getting to own pieces of them. With many fan favorites in circulation and still more to come, you better start divvying up your resources and figuring out which summer movie toys are the must-haves. You don’t want your kid stuck with the EpicRonin glider while his or her buddy next door has an Iron Man 3 disc blaster, right?

Iron Man 3

As the biggest opener of summer 2013, Iron Man 3 toys are an absolute must. As someone with a soft spot for hurling harmless foam discs at friends and family, the Iron Man 3 Gauntlet Disc Blaster is a winner. Then, to ramp up your innocent assault, slip on the Iron Man 3 Mission Mask, which not only packs the power to fire four missiles, but let’s you aim them using a targeting light beam, too.

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