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Review: Noah

Noah PosterWhen you’ve got Darren Aronofsky bringing a Biblical tale to screen, expectations are through the roof. “Noah” may not meet those expectations, but the film does nestle in just a few notches below. It isn’t a mind-blowing epic, but it’s certainly a riveting and worthy retelling of this story.

The film kicks off with a partial recap of creation, specifically what went down with Adam and Eve, and what became of their children, Cain, Abel and Seth. From there we cut to one of Seth’s descendant’s, Noah (Dakota Goyo), who’s just a boy at the time, but watches his father murdered right before his eyes. Years later, Noah (Russell Crowe) has a wife, Naameh (Jennifer Connelly), and three boys of his own, Shem, Ham and Japheth. After having a vision of man’s demise, Noah sets out to save the innocent – the animals – with the help of his family and The Watchers while Tubal-cain (Ray Winstone) and his followers threaten to claim their work, the ark.

As someone with limited knowledge of scripture, Aronofsky had a significant amount of breathing room with this and he didn’t let an inch of it go to waste. Whereas early memories of Noah’s ark involve a lecture or pages in a book, Aronofsky’s take is cinematic through and through. The performances are bold and engaging, most visuals are downright stunning, and they’re both featured within the context of an enthralling narrative. However, even though Aronofsky does deliver a worthy big screen Bible story, by going big in certain respects, he is forced to tiptoe around a number of potential pitfalls.

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The Best – and Worst – Movie Trailers of the Week

DivergentPerhaps the fact that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s promotional campaign is in overdrive leading up to the film’s November 22 release is scaring other marketing efforts off because we only got a small handful of new trailers this week. While there were three strong candidates worthy of Best Stuff honors, just two deserved the title of the Worst, so we gave that vacant spot to a piece that was far from the worst, but also couldn’t quite crack the top three either.

The Best Stuff

1. DivergentThe abundance of cold exposition in the Divergent teaser raised some concern, but the film’s brand new full trailer is absolutely brimming with intriguing background information and it’s all delivered within the context of the narrative. The familiarity of the nerves that come with taking a big test creates an instant connection, but just when you think you’ve got your footing, the intensity of Tris’ Aptitude Scene completely rattles the world, making for a natural and compelling transition into the action overload involved in becoming Dauntless.

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