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Movie Tips: What Not to Bring to a New Year’s Party

Project_XNew Year’s Eve prep should be as simple as keeping good company and having enough champagne and food to carry you through the night, but bringing the wrong person or thing could turn the night into one you’d rather forget. Take a cue from these movies and you should be home free as you make your way into 2014.

Project X – Video Camera

Of course you hope that every night out will be the night of your life and there are good reasons to want to remember it, but when that night involves an excessive amount of illegal activity, booze and destruction like in Project X, you’re better off holding onto your memories rather than hard evidence.

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Our Suggested New Year’s Resolutions for Hollywood

New-Years-Resolutions-for-HollywoodWhile we’re all busy trying to shed some pounds, save some money and/or quit smoking, you know what the folks in the film industry are up to? Making movies, of course. Per usual, 2012 was a year of Hollywood ups and downs, and the industry can learn from both, so by considering the past and looking forward to the future, here are some New Year’s resolutions the film industry should keep in the coming year.

Think Long and Hard Before Going 48 fps

No, Hollywood shouldn’t nix the idea of going 48 frames per second entirely, but filmmakers do need to find an appropriate way to use it before shooting a feature length film – let alone three. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey looks fantastic about 50% of the time, when Jackson’s camera is stagnant either to capture a beautiful landscape or particularly crisp character close-ups, but the moment that camera moves or an intense battle scene enters the frame, the footage takes on this terrible video-like quality. A sad story for The Hobbit trilogy, but 48 fps clearly does have a plus side, so before we run off for another 266-day shoot or bury the concept entirely, why not just figure out how to put it to the best possible use?

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