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Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: ’21 Jump Street’ Blows ‘One for the Money’ Away

January slump? Definitely not in the promotional department. Then again, of all the new material that’s dropped in the past seven days, nothing from a January release managed to crack the top three and almost nothing from February either.

I imagine the Underworld diehards are, well, dying for Awakening to arrive, but for someone who hasn’t paid much attention to the franchise, these new clips don’t really impress. Similarly, The Greypremiered a new clip and, having seen the film, it’s most certainly one of the tamer moments, which might disappoint those who are looking forward to seeing Liam Neeson go head-to-head with man-eating wolves.

Things improve exponentially as we move into February territory. The Woman in Black got a brand new poster that fits in beautifully with Hammer Films’ collection and the new featurettefor Act of Valor shows off one of the film’s most incredible assets, working with real Navy SEALs and real firepower.

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