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Daring to Dream: Casting ‘The Hunger Games’ Movie

I’ve never been a big reader, but in the last few years picked up the hobby of reading books being adapted to film. Even after plowing through dozens, I still never understood the people who would willingly sit all day, flipping pages until they finished an entire book. You know, like the Harry Potter fans. I enjoyed reading, but never felt desperate to see what happens next in exchange for food, sleep or just time to zone out – until I picked up The Hunger Games.

Suzanne Collin‘s book is hands down, the most fantastic piece I’ve ever read. Not only did I read obsessively only stopping to get some work done, but I actually was compelled to read it again, a first for me, and then go on to do the same with the sequel, Catching Fire. You’ll be hooked from the very first page of the soon-to-be three-book series, when you meet the story’s hero, Katniss Everdeen. She lives in Panem, the country formed after the destruction of North America. It consists of the wealthy Capitol and 12 districts, the last of which Katniss calls home. Once every year, each district must select two residents, one boy and one girl both between the ages of 12 and 18, and send them to the Captiol to compete in the Hunger Games, a televised battle to the death.

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Review: Chloe

It’s fun to see robots blowing each other up, get a cheap scare from a horror movie or a good laugh out of a comedy, but no sensation can compare to that of a dissonant drama with the power to feel real. Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried provide Erin Cressida Wilson’s script with an intense breath of authenticity guaranteeing you feel the pain inflicted upon their characters by the plot’s extreme circumstances. Making Chloe even more potent, those conditions are especially unnerving.

Catherine (Julianne Moore) has a pleasant life. Her son’s (Max Thieriot) in the midst of a rebellious stage, but otherwise, thing are going quite well. She lives in a beautiful home and has a successful gynecological practice. But that all changes when her husband (Liam Neeson) ‘misses’ his flight home, causing her to suspect he’s cheating on him. A chance encounter with a call girl, Chloe (Amanda Seyfried), leads her to make an arrangement for Chloe to meet with David in order to see if he’s as dubious as she suspects.

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