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Review: X-Men: First Class

Don’t have the time or money to travel around the world? Just see X-Men: First Class. Within the first third of the film we jump from Poland to Switzerland to England to Vegas to Miami and more. But, of course, a little something is happening between jet setting. Well, actually, a lot of something.

After catching a glimpse of Erik Lehnsherr’s tortured childhood and Charles Xavier’s first run-in with Raven, ultimately Mystique, when he was just 12-years-old, we fast forward to 1962. Erik’s (Michael Fassbender) busy hunting down Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), the man responsible for murdering his mother in a Nazi concentration camp and turning Erik into the metal bending monster he is today while Charles is hard at work at Oxford pursuing his doctorate in genetic mutations. After a hefty dose of information involving Shaw’s hand in potentially kicking off a third world war, Erik and Xavier finally cross paths.

No, they don’t play chess in the sunlight. Oh, wait; they do. But they also join forces to train a group of young mutants in an effort to build an army to rival Shaw’s. With the help of CIA Agent Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne), they teach Havok (Lucas Till) to harness his firepower, Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones) to fly and both Mystique and Beast to embrace their, well, blue sides. As the US and Russia grow dangerously close to kicking off a nuclear war, Erik, Xavier and their new team are the only ones powerful enough to stop it.

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Review: Kick-Ass

Real superheroes are so overrated. Superman is super fast and strong, Batman’s smart and has a serious stash of cash and Spider-Man can scale walls and sling webs, but do any have the geeky innocence of Kick-Ass, a mouth as foul as Hit Girl, an equal affection for firearms and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows like Big Daddy or a Mohawk as out of control as Red Mist’s? Kick-Ass creates a connection between fan and hero like never before. There’s no supernatural prowess, just one average Joe showing another what he can do with a secret identity and two sticks to whack people with.

Who doesn’t walk out of a superhero movie wishing they could don a cape and fight some crime? I’d like to say the large majority, however nobody acts on the impulse. That all changes in Kick-Ass. Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) decides the time has come for the average teenager to go incognito and kick some ass, or, in his case, get his ass kicked. Clad in a green and yellow scuba suit, Kick-Ass ventures out into public to save someone’s day. After a considerable mishap, he returns for another go-around and winds up triumphant. An onlooker videos the entire battle and Kick-Ass becomes the latest YouTube sensation.

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