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Review: Cracks

Filmmaking is certainly a collaborative effort and while that may be an asset in many ways, in some cases, it can also sink even the most beautiful and promising ship. Director Jordan Scott deservedly follows in the footsteps of her father, Ridley, while Juno Temple and Eva Green deliver unforgettably striking performances. If only it weren’t for that damn script.

At an all-girls British boarding school, Di (Temple) and the other members of Miss G’s (Green) diving team sit at the top of the social ladder. The girls follow their beloved instructor like puppy dogs, soaking in every word she says and doing everything and anything to impress her. While some find success in their efforts, it’s Di who is and will always be the shining star in Miss G’s eyes – or so she thinks.

When a new girl named Fiamma (Maria Valverde) arrives, not only is Miss G blown away by her diving ability, but by every facet of this gorgeous and unique Spanish specimen. Unlike her other students, Fiamma unenthusiastically obeys her teacher, which only draws Miss G in more. As Di sees her status as Miss G’s favorite waning, she takes her frustration out on Fiamma, enticing the other girls to join her in bullying the newcomer. Sure enough, bullying doesn’t solve anything, rather intensifies the situation on all fronts.

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