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9 Big-Screen Bad Girls You Love To Hate

Who doesn’t love a big-screen bad girl?

On October 7th, Juno Temple hits the big screen as Danielle in Dirty Girl, a sassy teen growing up in Oklahoma and a self-proclaimed whore. Living up to her bad reputation, Danielle convinces another school outcast Clarke (Jeremy Dozier) to steal his father’s car with which the two make a mad dash to Los Angeles so Clarke can escape the ridicule and she can find her father.

Most prefer to steer clear of firebrands like Danielle in real life, but on film they can be some of the most colorful people to spend time with. While Temple’s character isn’t nearly as ruthless and mean-spirited as some of these ladies, Dirty Girl is certainly an excellent excuse to look back at some awesome big-screen female baddies.

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