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Review: Dark Skies

Dark_Skies_Poster“Dark Skies” is far from a haunting masterpiece, but the February debut, lack of pre-release screenings and rather weak promotional effort gave the film a much poorer reputation than it deserves.

The Barretts are struggling with some financial issues, but otherwise, live a nice life in a quaint suburban neighborhood – that is until their home becomes the focal point of inexplicable, disturbing events. Lacy and Daniel (Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton) are able to dismiss the first few bumps in the night as alarm malfunctions and bad dreams, but when the threats become even more devastating and increasingly violent, they have no choice, but to address the fact that something might be after them.

In an industry oversaturated with paranormal entities, the E.T.-related scares in “Dark Skies” are rather refreshing. There are some outrageous and almost silly moments like the tower of kitchen condiments and Lacy being forced to bash her head against a window, but we’ve also got a few big winners, namely things that can give you the creeps in a movie or in real life. The sound of the house alarm going off is endlessly unnerving as are the assortment of violent blemishes on the family’s bodies.

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