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Interview: Bachelorette Writer-Director Leslye Headland

Sure, “Bachelorette” is fiction, but after sitting down with writer-director Leslye Headland, it’s quite clear that the film is as vivacious as it is because of the honest chemistry between her cast and because of her fun-loving and spunky attitude,

The film stars Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher as Regan, Gena and Katie, a trio with a friendship dating way back to high school. The ladies may be all grown up, but when they reunite for Becky’s (Rebel Wilson) wedding, immaturity and irresponsibility take over; they indulge in way too much coke, rip Becky’s wedding dress and have to spend the entire night before the wedding trying to clean up their mess.

The behavior in “Bachelorette” is outrageous and deplorable, but downright hilarious and Headland knows it. Thrilled with her incredible cast, there was no way Headland would let the immense success of “Bridesmaids” rain on her parade, she stuck to her guns and delivered exactly what she intended to – a fun film well worth repeat viewings.

Check out everything Headland had to say about bringing “Bachelorette” to life in the roundtable interview below and be sure to catch the film in theaters, on VOD or on iTunes now.

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Review: Bachelorette

A female-driven comedy called “Bachelorette.” It’s got to be like “Bridesmaids,” right? Far from it. Think “Bridesmaids,” but turn the poop to vomit, up the alcohol intake, darken the sense of humor, give Rebel Wilson an American accent and sprinkle some coke on top. That’s “Bachelorette.”

Becky may have been dubbed Pig Face in high school, but she’s getting married before all her friends, and to a nice, successful and good-looking guy, too! Having always gone to the gym, Reagan’s (Kirsten Dunst) quite jealous, but she’s got to suck it up and be a good friend because she’s Becky’s maid of honor. Katie (Isla Fisher) takes a break from bopping around in a fashionista delusion to fly in for the festivities as does Gena (Lizzy Caplan), who’s still coping with her breakup with Clyde (Adam Scott), smoking up a storm and indulging in whatever will make the pain go away.

Back together in the Big Apple, Reagan, Katie and Gena are determined to make their best friend’s wedding a truly special day. Trouble is, snorting a pile of coke isn’t on Becky’s agenda, nor a part of her lifestyle anymore, and when Gena and Katie get out of control, Becky calls it a night. Rather than try to patch things up, Gena, Katie and Reagan continue the party themselves, getting so drunk and high, they decide it’s a good idea to squeeze two people in Becky’s wedding dress. A little stain here, a big rip there and they’ve got one night to get things back in order so Becky can walk down the aisle in her dress.

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