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Review: Project X

Forget the videogames that have your kids blowing people’s heads off; keep your teens away from Project X. Once you’re past your partying prime, Nima Nourizadeh’s directorial debut is a safe watch, but for those feeling out the high school party scene, this movie will only fill their minds with bad and ludicrous ideas. But then that begs the question, who is Project X even for? Really only a select few who can find enjoyment in an experience more than a story, and an experience that moves simply by showing you outlandish jaw dropping behavior. Well, I guess I have one foot in that demographic.

In honor of Thomas’ (Thomas Mann) birthday, his best buddy, Costa (Oliver Cooper), insists on throwing the biggest party ever. It just so happens that both Thomas’ birthday and his parents’ anniversary are on the same day and they’re heading out of town to celebrate, leaving their lovely Pasadena home free for the taking. A reluctant Thomas, an overzealous Costa and their friend JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) set out to host the wildest night of their high school careers, a party that’ll undoubtedly go down in history and put them at the top of the social ladder.

The basic premise of Project X is one we’ve seen time and time again – school losers striving to make names for themselves. And, of course, our main trio consists of the typical misfits – the sweet geek Thomas, the trash talker Costa and the unassuming third wheel JB. Sounds a lot like Superbad, right? Yes, the guys really do fit right into that mold, but there’s nothing wrong with that, as they’re really just vessels to take us through the film’s big star, the party.

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