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Review: Kick-Ass 2


“Kick-Ass 2” rocks more than enough polished and highly engaging sequences to entice you to overlook its minor identity crisis.

Dave, Mindy, and Chris (Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse) are back, but now they’re older and have different agendas. Dave is determined to make due on the Kick-Ass hype by teaming up with a league of superheroes to really make a difference. Mindy, on the other hand, is hanging up her wig and weapons to appease Marcus (Morris Chestnut). Since Big Daddy’s passing, Marcus has been her legal guardian and is determined to keep her safe all costs, and Mindy feels obligated to respect that.

Meanwhile, Red Mist is long gone and Chris is busy channeling his rage over his father’s death into his new persona, the villainous Motherf%&*^r. With the help of Javier (John Leguizamo) and his family’s bank account, The Motherf%&*^r assembles the ultimate team of vicious thugs so he can take Kick-Ass out once and for all.

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8 Great … Kids Behaving Violently

We’re about to see kids killing kids and the world loves it. There’s certainly a lot more to The Hunger Games than violence, namely honest relationships and exploring the effects of excessive government control, but hey — it’s a movie about 24 teens fighting for their lives in a televised battle to the death. So let’s have some fun with the idea of seeing a group of kids arming up in hopes of taking each other out by looking back at some of the most ruthless little ones cinema has to offer.

Hit Girl – Kick-Ass

I wouldn’t say violent children ever really went away, but Kick-Ass’ Hit Girl certainly made them cool again. This pint-sized superhero is as vicious as they come, showing no mercy, slicing off a guy’s leg, reloading her guns on the fly to take out a room full of Frank D’Amico’s henchmen and, my personal favorite, forcing someone to somewhat self-inflict a gunshot to the head via a knife rope.

To top it all off, Hit Girl makes her kills that much more memorable, dishing out obscene dialogue, like telling Kick-Ass that in order to get in touch with her “You just contact the mayor’s office. He has a special signal he shines in the sky; it’s in the shape of a giant c*ck … ” and many other lines not at all appropriate to reprint.

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Interview: Kiss-Ass’ Chloe Moretz

Kick-Ass made a decent $96 million worldwide, but when it comes to the caliber of the film it deserves so much more. Lucky for all of you folks who missed it in the theaters, Kick-Ass is set to hit DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, July 3rd. In honor of the release, star Chloe Moretz took some time to chat about the film that transformed her from an up and coming actress into one of the industry’s most sought after young stars.

She plays Mindy Macready, also known as Hit Girl. Her father, Damon, or Big Daddy, raised her to be the ruthless crime fighter she is today. Hit Girl and Big Daddy are as real as anything when it comes to superheroes sans powers, but Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson) is another story and when both he and the father daughter duo end up with a common enemy, they’ve got to kick some ass together.

Even as her career becomes a whirlwind of success and more and more films, Moretz still had tons to share about her experience on this set. But, of course, now that major offers are coming her way, we had to talk about her upcoming projects. Check out what Moretz had to say about her fond Kick-Ass memories and to get a taste of what she’ll have to offer in the coming years.

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Review: Kick-Ass

Real superheroes are so overrated. Superman is super fast and strong, Batman’s smart and has a serious stash of cash and Spider-Man can scale walls and sling webs, but do any have the geeky innocence of Kick-Ass, a mouth as foul as Hit Girl, an equal affection for firearms and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows like Big Daddy or a Mohawk as out of control as Red Mist’s? Kick-Ass creates a connection between fan and hero like never before. There’s no supernatural prowess, just one average Joe showing another what he can do with a secret identity and two sticks to whack people with.

Who doesn’t walk out of a superhero movie wishing they could don a cape and fight some crime? I’d like to say the large majority, however nobody acts on the impulse. That all changes in Kick-Ass. Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) decides the time has come for the average teenager to go incognito and kick some ass, or, in his case, get his ass kicked. Clad in a green and yellow scuba suit, Kick-Ass ventures out into public to save someone’s day. After a considerable mishap, he returns for another go-around and winds up triumphant. An onlooker videos the entire battle and Kick-Ass becomes the latest YouTube sensation.

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