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Interview: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Producer Lance Sloane

Mortal_Kombat_Legacy_Season_2The very first episode of “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” racked up 5.5 million views in a single week and has 70 million to date. Clearly Machinima and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment broke barriers in the web series realm with the groundbreaking property and now they’re looking to continue that trend with the show’s second season, “Mortal Kombat Legacy II.”

The first round functioned as a nine-episode prequel to the original game, consisting of origin stories for characters including Jax (Michael Jai White), Shao Kahn (Aleks Paunovic), Cyrax (Shane Warren Jones), and more. “Mortal Kombat: Legacy II,” on the other hand, runs with a linear format and aims to expose the history and rivalries of particular “Mortal Kombat” characters through a narrative that focuses on the tournament as well as interweaving storylines.

With “Mortal Kombat: Legacy II” arriving on Machinima in its entirety on September 26th, series producer Lance Sloane took the time to talk to ShockYa.com about the rise of the web series format, the challenges and decisions that went into making the move from season one to two, the potential for “Legacy III,” the outlook for the impending “Mortal Kombat” feature, and loads more.

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Review: Fame

FamePosterI’m gonna live forever? Fat chance. How can you expect to live forever when your target audience will lose interest the moment they hit puberty? The new Fame has a new rating and ultimately it’s that PG rating that does it in. The grittiness of the R-rated original is gone and we’re left with a slew of contrived storylines that will never hold up for fans of the 1980 version. The original film is iconic but moviegoers will forget its successor by the end of the weekend. Fame isn’t a movie for the generations, it’s one for the youths. Face it; these are the days of High School Musical.

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