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Review: Red State

Thanks to a great deal of unusual and somewhat off-putting hype, it’s nearly impossible to go into Red State without any preconceptions. There’s no denying Kevin Smith made some questionable decisions during Red State’s road to the public, but, in the end, how can you judge him when he managed to deliver? On a B-movie level at least.

Travis, Jarod and Billy-Ray (Michael Angarano, Kyle Gallner and Nicholas Braun) are teenage boys and – surprise, surprise – they want to have sex. One tracks down a potential candidate on a website who’s willing to take on all three. The boys seize the opportunity and head out to their mystery woman’s humble abode, a trailer in the woods. Psyched to get down to business, the trio’s caught off guard when they’re drugged and wake up in the clutches of the Five Points Church.

No, this isn’t any old congregation. The members of the Five Points Church are religious fundamentalists willing to do whatever it takes to rid this Earth of those they’re fighting against with a relentless viciousness. Trapped in the church, the boys are forced to watch while Pastor Cooper (Michael Parks) executes a man, leaving the impression that they’re next.

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Interview: Cherry’s Kyle Gallner

Odds are, you know Kyle Gallner for one of the many high profile horror films he’s appeared in over the past few years. There was The Hunting in ConnecticutJennifer’s Body and the highly anticipated reboot, Nightmare on Elm Street, but his success in the genre and the prominence of these films doesn’t mean these are the only types of films Gallner has to offer. In fact, he’s got quite a number of non-horror films on the way, one of which hits theaters this weekend, Cherry.

Cherry stars Gallner as Aaron, a somewhat sheltered guy starting his first year at a prestigious college. He may not be as socially and romantically developed as his roommate, but when it comes to academics, Aaron’s above and beyond his peers. He’s enrolled in an advanced engineering program and while the work should be his top priority, Aaron’s distracted by a woman, a much older woman. Aaron meets Linda in class and the attraction is instant. Problem is, Linda (Laura Allen) has a 14-year-old daughter, Beth (Brittany Robertson), and when Linda brings Aaron over for dinner one night, the attraction between him and Beth is instant as well.

Not only was I thankful to have the opportunity to chat about such a purely enjoyable film, but to an actor on the rise that’s certainly worth keeping an eye on. Check out everything Gallner told me about working on Cherry, working with Kevin Smith on his upcoming film Red State and his hopes for the future in the interview below, and be sure to catch Cherry at the Village East Cinema in New York City.

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Red Carpet Coverage: Cop Out

Monday night I had the pleasure of covering the red carpet for Cop Out on behalf of MTV. Check out all of my video work included in these articles:

1. Cop Out Cast Say Working With Bruce Willis Is ‘Awesome’

As if anyone needs confirmation that working with Hollywood legend Bruce Willis is awesome, his Cop Out co-stars are spreading the word. And having the chance to work with him on the Kevin Smith-directed flick, which opens this weekend, was a dream come true.

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2. Tracy Morgan ‘Would Love’ To Remake Jaws, Doesn’t Want To Jinx Knoxville Comedy

Producers of the upcoming vicious fishies flick, Piranha 3-D, are positioning their film to become Jaws for the 21st Century. If an unsourced rumor floated on the Internet earlier this month is to be believed, the studio behind 1975’s Jaws is determined to have their shark-infested-waters classic remade to become the Jaws for the 21st Century, possibly with Tracy Morgan in the lead role.

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3. Cheer Up, Bruce Willis!

We are a little worried about Cop Out star Bruce Willis. In the last few days we’ve noticed that he seems to be a little down about something. MTV News has had the opportunity to meet up with Willis several times recently, as he’s been promoting his new Kevin Smith-directed buddy comedy, Cop Out. And with each interview it becomes clearer that Bruce seems to be going through some existential crisis.

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