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Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers_Age_of_Extinction_PosterAt one point, a “Transformers: Age of Extinction” character delivers this gem – “I also have a saying; I don’t care.” Why isn’t that the tagline of this movie? Or the whole “Transformers” film franchise for that matter?

“Age of Extinction” takes place five years after “Dark of the Moon.” Even though the Autobots helped save mankind in Chicago, the US government classifies all Transformers as dangerous fugitives, forcing the Autobots to go into hiding. Meanwhile, Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) is desperately trying to earn enough money to keep his home and send his daughter, Tessa (Nicola Peltz), to college. Trouble is, none of his inventions work very well and he doesn’t make much money fixing CD players and other random things. However, a dilapidated truck Cade gets his hands on is another story because it isn’t just a truck in need of fixing; it’s Optimus Prime.

This part of “Age of Extinction” isn’t all that bad. The idea of the government shunning the Autobots for helping us win a battle we never could have won on our own is a little ridiculous, but it’s well worth the fun of getting the chance to discover the Transformers all over again. The human characters involved in that discovery, however, are so devastatingly poorly written, they almost extinguish the thrill of the Autobot reunion.

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Review: Fame

FamePosterI’m gonna live forever? Fat chance. How can you expect to live forever when your target audience will lose interest the moment they hit puberty? The new Fame has a new rating and ultimately it’s that PG rating that does it in. The grittiness of the R-rated original is gone and we’re left with a slew of contrived storylines that will never hold up for fans of the 1980 version. The original film is iconic but moviegoers will forget its successor by the end of the weekend. Fame isn’t a movie for the generations, it’s one for the youths. Face it; these are the days of High School Musical.

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Interview: Kay Panabaker

KayPanabakerIt’s hard to imagine actors being ‘real’ people. We know they’re real, but still have a hard time separating them from the characters they play. After chatting on the phone with Fame’s Kay Panabaker, the 19-year-old actress seemed as real as any friend I’ve had for years. Right off the bat I could tell I was talking to someone who’s goal oriented but completely down to earth.

Kay is best known for starring in the Disney Channel movies Life is Ruff with Kyle Massey and Read It and Weep with her sister, Friday the 13th’s Danielle Panabaker, but it’s time for her to grow up and break into Hollywood as a young actress. She may look much younger than she actually is, but has the aptitude and maturity of someone far beyond her years.

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