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Perri’s Coverage of SXSW 2014


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Review: Rubber

Who knew there was a tactful way to make a spoof? Well, Rubber isn’t really a parody film like let’s say a Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer film, but it certainly takes aim at the industry. What makes Rubber so beautifully unique is the way it approaches taking throwing that punch. Not only does it outright announce its intentions right from the start, but it’s also a story in and of itself and pretty damn fun, terrifying and innovative one at that.

In the middle of a desert, chairs are randomly scattered along a dirt road. A car appears and proceeds to zigzag along this path, taking out each chair along the way. Why? For no reason. After the demolition exhibition, a cop (Stephen Spinella) gets out of the trunk of that car to deliver a monologue about the lack of reason in all great films, which is justified because life itself is packed with no reason.

And on that note, we meet the actual audience within this film; a group of people armed with binoculars getting ready to witness the story of Robert the tire. In the distance, they watch as Robert comes to life. Just like a newborn, he takes his first steps (or rolls) and explores his surroundings. Oh, and he also discovers his ability to cause things to explode. It begins with a beer bottle, a poor rabbit and then Robert makes his way to a local motel where he directs his ability on human heads all while this audience watches in the distance.

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