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Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Laughs Abound Thanks To ’21 Jump Street’ and ‘Happy Feet Two’

Now that Halloween is completely out of the picture, we’ve got a nice amalgamation of material to look at – comedy, drama, action and, of course, seasonal fair.

With Christmas fast approaching, a clip from Arthur Christmas is welcomed with open arms. Narrated by a little girl writing a letter to Santa, the piece gives a nice overview of the Santa Clause lineage as well as the great deal of warmth Arthur’s got to offer. On the sillier and less festive side is yet another clip from The Muppets. Sure, this opening dance sequence is well done and will certainly bring back that Muppet-loving sensation, but, by the time the film hits theaters, will there be any new material left to see?

On the more realistic comedic side (to a point at least), we’ve got a brand new red band trailer for Goon, which goes beyond the teaser, humanizing Seann William Scott’s character before getting into the hockey-fighting lunacy, which actually makes it even more brutal. Then there’s the first trailer for Wanderlust, which surprisingly both stars Jennifer Aniston and shows signs of actually being quite funny.

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