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Review: 21 Jump Street

I’m not the laugh out loud type. You know that silent laugh where you hold it inside, smile and kind of bop up and down a bit? That’s me, so when I find a film that earns a boisterous laugh, you know, the kind where you just can’t stop and it becomes a bit embarrassing, I know I’ve got to recommend a movie.

Schmidt’s (Jonah Hill) got the brains and Jenko (Channing Tatum) the brawns; you’d think they’d make a solid team. The guys may be best buds, but when it comes to their police work, splitting the necessary skills isn’t particularly conducive to the gig. While busting some bad guys at the local park, Schmidt lets his suspect get away and Jenko forgets to read him the Miranda rights, leading the Deputy Chief to decide they’re both completely incompetent and banish them to 21 Jump Street, a station that specializes in doling out undercover high school assignments to officers with baby faces.

Soon enough, Schmidt and Jenko assume their new identities, Brad and Doug. Well, Schmidt was meant to be Brad, the student with a course load full of AP classes while Doug got the drama one and the lengthy sports resume, but a little mishap results in the wrong guy snagging the wrong file. Regardless, they must stay on mission – find the students responsible for dealing the deadly drug HFS and track down their supplier.

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