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Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Ron Howard Excels While Adam Sandler Continues to Annoy

We did get our fair share of new promotional material this week, but the marketing realm was certainly on the quieter side. Consider it the calm before the MTV Movie Awards storm.

We’ve got two posters to note, one for Scott Derrickson’s Sinister and the other for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. If it hadn’t been for that far-too-bold bloody face on the wall, Sinistermight have made its way into The Best Stuff. And while the Frankenweenie poster is exactly what you’d hope for from the film, the lack of a wow factor kept it out of the top three.

In big trailer news, the first one finally arrived for Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables, but as someone who never held the novel-turned-musical near and dear, this trailer is simply okay. Perhaps further down the line, Les Mis will get a trailer boost much like The Bourne Legacy and Red Lights. While neither had particularly captivating teasers, their most recent theatrical trailers are quite successful at pulling a viewer in via story.

Men in Black 3 may be old news, but a trio of VFX sequences just surfaced and while some of the material may be a bit advanced for someone who isn’t proficient in effects terminology, whether you know your stuff or not, dissecting the movie magic is fascinating.

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