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The Most Overused Movie-Based Costumes Ever (and the Ones We’d Like to See More Of)

Costume_MainHalloween comes with the opportunity to ditch your typical attire and get creative. Why blow it? Here, 10 overused looks to avoid and 10 getups we want to see you in this year.


Even as someone who’s proud to dub Scream a favorite film of all-time, the Ghostface costumes just have to stop. The getup was an eerie, novel new look when the film first hit, but now it doesn’t matter if you go for the classic Scream model, the silly Scary Movie edition, or even the one showered in blood. It’s all been done before. Many, many times before.

Michael Myers

Michael Myers has been around since John Carpenter’s Halloween arrived back in 1978, so the costume craze was and is inevitable, but the bigger problem with this look is that it’s become so commercial. A hulking, unkempt, and deftly defined Michael in the film is horrifying, but slap on a bright blue jumpsuit and a pristine white mask and you’ll look more like a cartoon character than a ruthless killer.

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