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Review: Green Lantern

You know those ride simulators in arcades or even the ones like the Spider-Man ride in universal? They’re a blast, right? Then again, remove the vehicle that bumps along with the ride and watch that video in another location and it’s probably not particularly enjoyable anymore. Well, consider Green Lantern that displaced amusement park simulator video, tacky visuals, unconvincing and only capable of holding your attention for minutes at a time.

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is your average guy. Actually, not really; he’s a test pilot who enjoys taking big risks, flying high and showing off his ego 24/7. Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), Hal’s crush, co-worker and the daughter of Carl Ferris (Jay O. Sanders), the big bossman at Ferris Air, is always on Hal’s case, but tolerates his bad attitude. However, when Hal takes it upon himself to show off at work, wrecking his plane and defaming Ferris Air’s latest stealth models in the process, Hal gets the boot.

Meanwhile, out in space, the caged monster Parallax consumes enough fear to break out of his prison and go after the individual who put him there, Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) of the Green Lantern Corps. After suffering a fatal wound, Abin Sur crash lands on Earth with just enough time to let his Green Lantern ring pick its new owner, Hal. Before he knows it, the power of the ring whisks Hal away to the home of the Green Lantern Corps, the planet Oa. There he gets some Corps 101 and physical training, but as the group’s first human member, the youngest race in the galaxy, Hal becomes wary of the ring’s selection process. Hal’s forced to decide whether or not he’s worthy of being a Green Lantern fast because Parallax is on the way.

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Interview: The Cast And Filmmakers Of Life As We Know It

Taking the plunge and deciding to have a child is life changing enough; imagine having no plans for kids and all of a sudden having a little one running around the house. That’s what happens to Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel in Life as We Know It. They play Holly and Eric, two people who only tolerate each other for the sake of their mutual best friends and their beautiful baby girl, Sophie. When tragedy strikes and their friends pass away, Sophie is left in Holly and Eric’s care. Now not only do they have to put their differences aside and shack up together, but the former rivals have to completely rearrange their lives for Sophie, too.

Clearly Life as We Know It isn’t a straightforward comedy. It comes packed with hilarious poop-filled moments, but there’s also an underlying sadness due to the event that brings Holly, Eric and Sophie together and director Greg Berlanti knows it. He and his producers, Paul Brooks and Barry Josephson, as well as the writers, Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk Robinson, were all well aware of the challenge the mix of genre would pose when it came to getting a studio’s green light. Clearly their dedication and passion for the story paid off because come October 8th, Life as We Know It will hit theaters nationwide.

To promote the project the gang all came out for a press conference to talk about everything from working with the Clagett triplets playing Sophie to handling the film’s atypical romantic comedy nature down to the parallel between this story and Heigl’s real life experience adopting a child. Even with some very serious topics circulating the panel, laughs were abound from beginning to end. Check it all out in the interview below.

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Review: Life As We Know It

Another romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl; should you prepare for more of the same? Yes, but surprisingly, in this case, more of the same isn’t all that bad. Someone must have told Heigl she’s been trying way too hard because in Life as We Know It, she dials it down a notch returning to the undeniably natural actress we grew to love in Knocked Up. Pair her up with the considerably charismatic Josh Duhamel and a cooing baby, and you’ve got a guaranteed crowd pleaser all the way through.

You know the saying, “opposites attract?” Well, that’s far from the case with Holly and Messer (Heigl and Duhamel). Holly is the orderly owner of a small café while Messer’s a wild and free-spirited sports television broadcast technician. Back in 2007, their best friends, Alison and Peter (Christina Hendricks and Hayes MacArthur), took the aforementioned saying to heart and set the two up on a date. The night was a disaster to say the least, but thanks to their mutual friends, it was impossible for Holly and Messer to avoid one another, especially when their buddies had a baby girl and named the duo the godparents.

Tragedy strikes just after baby Sophie’s first birthday when her parents pass away in a car accident. Now, not only do Holly and Messer have to manage a hefty dose of grief, but Sophie as well, because Alison and Peter designate Holly and Messer Sophie’s new parents in their will. Dumbfounded, but compelled, they opt to put their differences aside as best they can and bunk down in their late pals’ house for Sophie’s sake. However, as hard as they try and as much as they love Sophie, the fact that this was never the life they envisioned for themselves makes the situation even more complicated.

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