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10 Things Hollywood Should Retire in the New Year


Another year gone, another assortment of big-screen missteps made that should never be repeated again. We get an incredible amount of new releases each and every year, so of course not every film can be a box office hit or Academy Award contender, but the upside to that is there’s always an opportunity to learn from the mistakes.

In an effort to make 2014 a better year for film than ever, we bring you 10 things the movie industry should do away with in the New Year.

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Interview: Chronicle’s Alex Russell

Meet Alex Russell. Well, actually there’s a chance you have already met this young actor as he does have a pair of shorts and features on his resume, but his upcoming release, Chronicle, is most certainly of a higher power.

The film begins from Andrew’s (Dane DeHaan) perspective, as he recently decides it’s time to pick up a camera and document his daily life. Russell comes in as Matt, Andrew’s cousin and the guy responsible for keeping Andrew from completely falling off the social ladder. Matt’s not a big fan of Andrew’s new hobby, but the camera comes in handy when Andrew, Matt and Steve (Michael B. Jordan) stumble upon a mysterious hole in the woods during a party and even more so when their little adventure leaves them with incredible superpowers.

Who doesn’t dream of acquiring superpowers? Well, seeing as that’s impossible, the next best thing is to get to play a superhero on the big screen. Sure, the stunts and movie magic were a blast for Russell, but while chatting Chronicle with him, he seems to have appreciated working with such talented and passionate filmmakers more than anything. Check out everything Russell had to say about landing his role, working with director Josh Trank and more in the interview below and be sure to catch Chronicle in theaters this weekend.

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Review: Chronicle

If you got superpowers, what would you do with them? Seriously? I’d like to bet most wouldn’t suit up like Spider-Man and clean the streets of crime. Well, not initially at least. High school-aged or not, most of us would probably partake in the shenanigans the leading trio of Chronicle enjoy. But that’s not to say this novel superhero flick is all fun and games. In fact, it boasts a great deal of depth, intertwining the out-of-this-world action with some very real troubling issues.

Andrew (Dane DeHaan) is a bit of an outcast and makes himself even more socially awkward by buying a video camera and documenting his entire life. Camera in tow, Andrew tags along with his cousin Matt (Alex Russell) to a big school party out in the middle of nowhere. During a lonesome sulking session, Matt and the big man on campus, Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan), convince Andrew to film this crazy thing they found, a massive hole out in the woods. Then, they opt to take it one step further, going down into the hole and through the passage.

Cut to a new day. Andrew, Matt and Steve are together again, but this time, they’re not just partaking in your average after school activities; they’re throwing baseballs at each other – with their minds. Turns out, whatever happened down in that hole left the boys with superhero-like powers. But this isn’t Peter Parker, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne we’re talking about. These are teenagers and they’re looking to have some fun with their new abilities. However, a few harmless pranks later, they come to realize that there’s a breaking point and if they don’t learn to control their growing powers, they could really hurt someone.

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Review: Apollo 18

Found footage films are tough things to screw up. They’re almost inherently effective because the technique presents the tale as a “true story.” Well, I guess that makes Apollo 18 a true anomaly.

After Apollo 17, NASA calls it quits on trips to the moon – as far as the public can tell. In 1974, the Department of Defense contacts the crew of Apollo 18 and informs them their mission is still a go, but it must be kept top secret, even from their families. Nate, Ben and John (Lloyd Owen, Warren Christie and Ryan Robbins) agree and the trio is launched into orbit aboard the Freedom.

Once in space, Nate and Ben board the Liberty and head down to the surface of the moon while John mans the Freedom. On the moon, the guys follow through with their mission by setting up these devices that will supposedly let the US track Soviet nuclear activity. After starting them up, the Liberty experiences communication issues and can no longer get in touch with John or NASA. While investigating some wreckage outside of the Freedom, Nate claims something’s in his suit. After bringing him back on board, Ben manages to calm him down, but even then, Nate just isn’t the same.

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