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Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Edge_of_Tomorrow_PosterVicious aliens, wicked combat and Tom Cruise charm are all good fun, but what’s the point when the story makes no sense?

Cruise is Major William Cage. He’s in the army and has a high rank, but he’s a man of media relations, not combat. When his superior (Brendan Gleeson) decides it’s time for the world to see him in battle, Cage finds himself face-to-face with invading ETs donning an ExoSuit equipped with heavy artillery he doesn’t know how to operate. Sure enough, he’s taken out fast, but then, Cage gets another chance. His death puts him into a time loop, letting him live, die and repeat that same day over and over again, giving him the opportunity to hone his skills and figure out what he has to do to eliminate this alien race.

The world building and early character development in “Edge of Tomorrow” is particularly successful, making the movie strikingly engrossing right from the start. It opens with an eerily exhilarating montage of news clips chronicling the Mimics arrival, the immediate devastation that follows and then the development of the jacket technology that gives humans a shot.

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Interview: Violet & Daisy Writer-Director Geoffrey Fletcher

Violet_and_Daisy_PosterPrior to skyrocketing to fame courtesy of an Academy Award and “Precious,” Geoffrey Fletcher had another feature brewing, and one of an entirely different genre and tone at that.

“Violet & Daisy” stars Alexis Bledel and Saoirse Ronan as the title characters, a pair of best friends who also happen to be a team of teenage assassins. When they’re not gossiping about their favorite celebrity, they’re armed, dangerous, and meticulous about their hits. Locked and loaded, the girls frolic off to what they think will be a short and sweet gig, but it turns out that taking down Michael (James Gandolfini) is no easy task and not for the reason they’d expect.

With the film due for a June 7th limited release, Fletcher took the time to sit down and discuss the transition from this to “Precious” and back again, the challenge of making a film that mixes drama with comedy while infusing it with a fairytale-like quality too, making the decision to nix a digital format and shoot on film, and more. You can catch everything Fletcher had to say about making “Violet & Daisy” as well as an update on “Attica,” a film about the 1971 Attica Prison riot to be directed by Doug Liman, in the video interview below.

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