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Interview: Dirty Girl’s Jeremy Dozier

Juno Temple, Milla Jovovich, Mary Steenburgen, Dwight Yoakam, William H. Macy, Tim McGraw – and Jeremy Dozier? Unlike his Dirty Girl co-cast, odds are, you’ve got no clue who Dozier is. Well, there’s a good reason his name is amongst this list of top notch talent and, soon enough, he could be up there himself.

Dozier is Dirty Girl‘s Clarke, an introverted high school outcast who’s also picked on at home, as his father has no tolerance for Clarke’s sexual preferences. When Clarke’s paired up with school slut Danielle (Juno Temple) for a class project, he’s forced to play daddy to a bag of flour that they’re assigned to treat as a child. However, their baby bag of flour doesn’t spend her days riding the bus to school or sitting alongside her teen parents in class, rather in a stolen car on an impromptu road trip. Danielle, desperate to find her real father, and Clarke, hoping to find himself, hit the road in Clarke’s father’s precious ride with his credit card aiming for Los Angeles.

Sure, I’d like to bet his singing and dancing abilities might have had something to do with Dozier snagging the role, but, more prominently, Dozier rocks the ability to handle one heck of a character arc, which is quite the accomplishment for his first feature. Clarke’s a character that you won’t forget and hopefully the same will be true for Dozier.

With the October 7th release of Dirty Girl on the horizon, Dozier sat down to chat all about the experience from the audition stage to hitting the set with such notable talent to his hopes for the future. Check out the whole chat in the video interview below.

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Review: Dirty Girl

Sure it’s nice to get a movie that truly moves you and leaves you with a little something to take home after the credits roll, but don’t you ever want to go to the theater and just have some fun? Well, if that’s on your agenda, Dirty Girl is worth a look. And while it doesn’t transcend that barrier into the territory of the truly deep and meaningful, it does have a relatively impressive degree of emotion to offer.

Danielle (Juno Temple) is promiscuous and proud of it. When some bad behavior lands her in the “challenged” class, she’s forced to team up with her gay, hyper-quiet classmate, Clarke (Jeremy Dozier), and play mom and dad to a bag of flower they dub Joan, him for Crawford and her for Jett. While neither Danielle nor Clarke feel the need to play nice initially, when they each get a peek into the other’s tumultuous home life, they come to realize they’ve got a lot in common and can actually help each other.

With her mother (Milla Jovovich) about to marry a straightedge Mormon man (William H. Macy), Danielle begs Clarke to highjack his father’s care so they can drive to Los Angeles so she can find her birth father (Tim McGraw). At first Clarke refuses, but when his father (Dwight Yoakam) finds some of his naughty paraphernalia, Clarke has no choice: he’s got to get out of there. And so Danielle and Clarke hit the road with Joan in tow, having a blast while free of their restrictive parents, but actually learning quite a bit about family along the way.

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9 Big-Screen Bad Girls You Love To Hate

Who doesn’t love a big-screen bad girl?

On October 7th, Juno Temple hits the big screen as Danielle in Dirty Girl, a sassy teen growing up in Oklahoma and a self-proclaimed whore. Living up to her bad reputation, Danielle convinces another school outcast Clarke (Jeremy Dozier) to steal his father’s car with which the two make a mad dash to Los Angeles so Clarke can escape the ridicule and she can find her father.

Most prefer to steer clear of firebrands like Danielle in real life, but on film they can be some of the most colorful people to spend time with. While Temple’s character isn’t nearly as ruthless and mean-spirited as some of these ladies, Dirty Girl is certainly an excellent excuse to look back at some awesome big-screen female baddies.

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Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Religious Fanatics, LARPers and Paranormal Entities

San Diego Comic Con is officially behind us and this edition of Best/Worst Movie Promos proves it — as just one film featured on the list had a presence at the event. It’s not necessarily because the material that came out of SDCC was lackluster, but more so because much of the footage debuted during the panels has yet to hit the web – in non-bootleg form at least.

Regardless, we still have a slew of material to sort through and while some received positions in the promotion and demotion departments, others find themselves floating in the abyss. Of the pieces in that middle ground, there are quite a few to note. In true Valentine’s Day fashion, New Year’s Eve follows that star-studded production up with a trailer packed with famous faces. As someone who didn’t appreciate the first film, this trailer doesn’t really do it for me, but clearly there’s a ton of moviegoers out there who enjoy some namedropping.

On the other hand, both Happy Feet 2 and Dirty Girl are quite appealing, albeit in completely different ways. The Happy Feet 2 trailer features dancing penguins with baby voices. Enough said. As for Dirty Girl, Juno Temple gets crude in the best possible way. The trailer presents it as Easy A on the road, but with a more unique texture. As usual, Temple is mesmerizing and has no trouble upping the intrigue for this one.

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