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Review: Fright Night

As we’re drowning in a flood of big screen remakes, we ask ourselves time and time again; is it worth it? In Fright Night’s case, yes. As we’re drowning in a flood of 3D features, we ask ourselves time and time again; is it worth it? In Fright Night’s case, no, but, luckily for director Craig Gillespie, he’s working with some solid source material and an absolutely stellar case, both with the power to stake that extra dimension right in the heart. If only it’d burn up and evaporate for good.

For anyone familiar with the Tom Holland original, this synopsis is a bit redundant as Gillespie’s Fright Night is quite similar. Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) is your average teen living with his loving mother (Toni Collette) in a quaint little neighborhood – that is until Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell) moves in next door and rips out the locals’ throats as he pleases. Why? Because Charley’s new neighbor is a vampire.

Peter Vincent (David Tennant) is still present and accounted for, but now he hosts “Fright Night” the live stage production, chugs Midori and dons skintight leather pants. When Jerry snatches up a couple of Charley’s friends, Charley’s got no choice but to head to the Vegas Strip to get some advice from the showman. Too bad the act is primarily a façade and Vincent lacks the nerve to put his extensive weaponry collection to use. With no one to turn to, Charley’s mother and girlfriend, Amy’s (Imogen Poots), lives are in his hands.

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Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: Or An MTV Movie Awards Recap?

The MTV Movie Awards isn’t only about awarding the best of the best in film (clearly); it’s also about stirring some hype via the release of trailers and clips for some highly anticipated upcoming films and, considering it aired on Sunday night, that means this edition of the feature is packed with material from the show. Of the lot, we got a taste of new material from Super 8Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and so much more. The question is, which of these films rose above the screaming fans in audience and earned a place in our top three? Heating up the competition further, there were quite a few non-MTV clips and trailers in the running this week like new clips from Green Lantern, one of which shows the Green Lantern taking on Parallax. While the Green Lantern clips look good, I much prefer the new TV spots for Captain America, albeit not enough for them to sneak into the promotions section.

Back to that MTV Movie Awards material, while a new clip for The Help does an excellent job of setting the stage for those unfamiliar with the book, it lacks that zip necessary for claiming a spot on the promotions wall of fame. As for 30 Minutes or Less and Bad Teacher, they’re caught in a bit of a Catch-22. If the footage isn’t downright hilarious, you assume the film will be the same. But, if the clip is giggle-worthy, it begs the question, what if the studio is wasting all of the funny gags on the promotional campaign? Well, lucky for them, both fall in between the two, but, then again, that means they don’t deserve spots on this list.

If we’re talking borderline demotion, The Three Musketeers can breathe a sigh of relief because there are three worse items than its new poster. I’m all for hand-drawn renderings, but not only does its layout make it a cousin of the notorious floating head design, but it’s also dizzyingly cluttered.

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