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Review: Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows has had its ups and downs since day one. As someone who never watched the original show, it was tough to care when word got out that a feature film was in the works, even with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s involvement. Even as the cast was packed with famous faces and stills hit the web featuring Burton’s signature highly unique visuals, there was still no need to care with no connection to the material. However, when the film’s first trailer arrived, it finally gave us Dark Shadows newcomers a taste of the world and the way Burton presented it, it seemed like a lot of fun. But sadly, the film version does the TV series a major injustice, leaving this newcomer with absolutely no desire to stick with the concept and check out the source material.

Back in the 1700s, a young Barnabas Collins and his parents arrive in America. When their fishing business flourishes, the Collins are as wealthy as ever and dub the town Collinsport. However, when Barnabas (Depp) falls for Josette DuPres (Bella Heathcote), turning down the affection of Angelique (Eva Green), Angelique doesn’t just go off to find another man; she uses her bewitching abilities to send Josette to her death and turn Barnabas into a vampire. To top it all off, she sentences Barnabas to live out his never-ending life, locked in a coffin, buried underground.

Two centuries later, Barnabas is freed by an unsuspecting construction crew. While his immediate family and friends are long gone, the Collins family lives on, so Barnabas makes it his mission to restore the Collins fishing empire and to support the new generation. Trouble is, Angelique is still a Collinsport resident herself and is still desperate to earn Barnasbas’ love, or else.

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Best/Worst Promos of the Week: Vampires Are Lifeless. Go Figure.

Hot on the heels of the wild success of The Hunger Games comes the teaser for another highly anticipated young adult book to film adaptation, Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. It’s particularly simple and, therefore, not profound, but it does fair better than a certain teaser trailer for another Meyer adaptation. Also in the teaser realm, we’ve got a trailer teaser forTotal Recall. So far, so good; now we’ve just got to wait and see what the real thing’s got to offer this Friday.

There’s been quite a few new releases within the horror genre. Madison County looks pretty creepy, but it also looks like more of the same – college kids drive through the middle of nowhere and are tormented by a sadistic killer. You know the drill. On the other hand, the remake of Mother’s Day looks to be some truly twisted fun, lead by an especially wicked Rebecca De Mornay. We’ve also got a clip from The Cabin in the Woods and while the scene is pretty solid, after having seen the full film, this doesn’t do the wonderfully wild experience justice. Then again, we don’t want any spoilers in the promo campaign, now do we?

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, the first trailer for the animated film Rise of the Guardians arrived and it’s certainly an interesting spin on all of the icons of our childhood imagination. Moving into more adult territory, we’ve got the trailer for the festival hit Safety Not Guaranteed and, sure enough, thi

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