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Review: The Sitter

Just because a movie’s a comedy, doesn’t mean it can only be a comedy and often, it’s quite nice to get a little heart with your laughs. However, if you try to infuse your funny film with emotion and fail, the feature becomes laughable, and not in the way you originally intended. On top of being structurally unsound and lacking in the humor department, The Sitter veers further off track in a desperate attempt at giving the final product a serious side it doesn’t deserve.

Noah Griffith is a jobless 20-something who lives with his single mother, Sandy (Jessica Hecht). When an opportunity arises for her to go to a benefit gala with some friends, the Pedullas (Erin Daniels and D.W. Moffett), who’d like to introduce her to a new guy, she’s thrilled. Problem is, the Pedullas’ babysitter cancels at the last minute and there’s no way they can leave their three young children home alone for the sake of Sandy’s love life. A reluctant Noah to the rescue! Noah steps up to the plate, rides his bike over to the Pedullas’ and agrees to babysit Slater, Blithe and Rodrigo (Max Records, Landry Bender and Kevin Hernandez).

It doesn’t take long for Noah to realize that he’s got his hands full. Slater has self-proclaimed “issues” and walks around with a fanny pack full of pills, Blithe is celebrity obsessed and has a face caked full of makeup, and Rodrigo, the family’s recent adoptee, has a thing for cherry-bombing toilets. Regardless, Noah’s hormones obscure his senses enough to make him think it’s a good idea to pack up the kids, load them into their parents’ forbidden minivan, pick up some cocaine and then deliver it to his so-called girlfriend (Ari Graynor) at a wild party. It’ll all be okay as long as the kids are in bed by 1:00am, right? Sure.

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