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SDCC 2012: Perri And Melissa’s San Diego Comic Con Plans For Shockya.com!

We’re in the midst of yet another summer movie season and you know what that means; San Diego Comic Con is here to raise big screen anticipation even further, teasing fans with all the incredible action, stories and stars we’ve got to look forward to.

This time last year I was scrambling to put together a solo schedule for an event I’d never experience before, but this time around, not only am I heading to San Diego as a Comic Con veteran, but I won’t be going alone. Shockya.com will feature SDCC 2012 from both myself and Melissa Molina. Not only am I thrilled to have such a talented teammate, but we’re both very excited to bring you more coverage than ever!

What do you have to look forward to between the two of us? Here’s a brief breakdown of our plans …

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Interview: Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim Of Tim And Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Can I even label this an interview? If you’ve seen Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! on Cartoon Network, you know what you’ve got coming with the comedy duo’s feature film Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim star as alternative versions of themselves – or is it? When the Schlaaang corporation gives the duo a billion dollars to make a movie and the Schlaaang bigwigs aren’t happy with the final product, they freak and Tim and Eric make a run for it. In an effort to make the billion dollars back, Tim and Eric respond to a television ad guaranteeing a billion dollars to anyone who can get a rundown mall back on its feet.

Minus the fact that nobody spends a billion dollars making a movie (yet), that plot sounds rather sensible, right? What if I throw in some man-eating wolves, a sickly man-child named Taquito, a store that sells refurbished toiler paper and a mall ghost called the yogurt man? Clearly these guys have a knack for coming up with some pretty silly stuff.

After seeing Tim and Eric’s Billion Movie, it was absolutely impossible for me to imagine these guys going into professional mode and making a movie, let alone leading relatively normal lives. Turns out, my instincts were right. Just before sitting down to chat with Tim and Eric, I caught this interview they did on Good Day Austin, but even with being determined to one up these guys and catch them off guard with my own ridiculousness, I was absolutely no match for them.

Check out my chat with Tim and Eric below. I dare you to take a shot every time one of them says “anointed.”

Click here to watch the interview.

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