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Best/Worst Movie Promos Of The Week: Pant-less Cats Stand No Chance Against Clowns Packing Heat

Yet another week absolutely packed with new promotional material. But, sadly, this time around, it wasn’t only the top three that was tough to narrow down.

As for the ads vying for those top spots, Father of Invention and 50/50 both barely missed out. Yes, we poke fun at infomercials, but admit it, there’s something oddly riveting about them. Kevin Spacey rocks that odd concept in the new trailer for Father of Invention, which features him as a household gadget pitchman who goes to prison for selling a faulty product. As for 50/50, even though this is the film’s second trailer, it switches the focus enough to get you hooked all over again while also establishing the film as a piece with layers. The new poster for Safe also makes a statement, not in terms of the film’s plot, but simply because it rocks a bold design.

Hovering in the middle is the red band clip for Fright Night and the trailers for Woman in Black and Faces in the Crowd. After having seen Fright Night, that film’s marketing team earns points for letting loose one of the piece’s more solid moments in terms of special effects. While Woman in Black appears to be a nice creepy haunted house movie, it loses points for not letting the Harry Potter dust settle, looking simply like Harry Potter in a period piece with more facial hair. We amp the scare factor up a bit with the trailer for Faces in the Crowd. A usual crowd pleaser, Milla Jovovich pulls you in, but it’s the film’s incredibly terrifying premise that makes you yearn to know more.

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