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Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

After three immensely successful productions, why would Summit Entertainment change their formula now? Of course the studio wouldn’t, but you’d think bringing aboard an Oscar-winning director would almost naturally warrant some changes for the better, but sadly, Bill Condon’s prowess was entirely consumed by the drone of The Twilight Saga and he actually winds up delivering a piece that’s rather sub-par to two of the previous installments.

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen (Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson). Yes, the time has finally come for Bella to put an end to that pesky love triangle and seal the deal with Edward, but, in true Twilight fashion, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) holds a grudge and brooding ensues. Regardless, after the I dos, the newlyweds wave goodbye to the friends and family we’ve met in the films over the years and hop a plane to Rio de Janeiro after which they board a boat to the secret island de Cullen. Forbidden vampire on human mating goes down, beds break and, shortly after, Bella grows a baby bump.

The problem is, this isn’t just any old baby. As Bella’s baby grows, it destroys her from inside. As Bella’s health deteriorates, the Cullens do whatever they can to prolong her life. Meanwhile, over at camp werewolf, the dogs are in an uproar over the bun in the oven. Pack leader Sam (Chaske Spencer) calls for the baby’s execution and, in turn, Bella’s, which, of course, Jacob will not stand for. With brother and sister duo Leah and Seth Clearwater (Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart) by his side, he separates from his pack to come to Bella’s rescue.

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Interview: Skateland’s Ashley Greene

It’s easy to forget that actress Ashley Greene has a career beyond The Twilight Saga thanks to the enormity of that franchise. Well, not only does she have a few non-Twilight projects on the way, but way back when, before the first Twilight film even hit theaters, Greene was hard at work on another production, Anthony Burns’ Skateland.

The film focuses on a recent high school graduate named Ritchie Wheeler (Shiloh Fernandez). When Ritchie isn’t handing out skates at Skateland, he’s hanging out with Brent (Heath Freeman) and his younger sister and Ritchie’s crush, Michelle (Greene). Ritchie has just about everything going for him, but needs a little nudge when it comes to realizing his dreams and leaving Skateland behind and that nudge comes from Michelle. Similarly, she’s trying to get her bearings on life after high school and more specifically, a potential future with Ritchie.

No vampire fangs, no ability to see into the future; this is just ordinary Ashley Greene proving she’s got something to offer even without the bells and whistles of a multimillion dollar franchise. In honor of Skateland’s May 13th release, Greene sat down to talk about her experience making the film including working with Fernandez and Freeman and how this production compared to working on The Twilight Saga, which, of course, we talked a bit about as well. But keep in mind, this interview was shot back in March, so some details might have changed.

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Apparently the’Twilight’ Saga Ruins Marria

Too much of something is never okay. Whether it’s food, sleep or even exercise, overdosing leads to problems. Apparently the same is true for movies. There are loads of folks out there who are diehard Harry PotterLord of the Rings or Star Warsfans, but, according to an LA Times article, it’s an obsession with The Twilight Saga that’s most troublesome. Twilight lovers are sacrificing their relationship for Stephenie Meyer‘s books and the film adaptations.

The general stereotype pegs teenage girls as being the main source of Twihards when, in fact, there’s hoards of Twilight moms and even grandmas out there. One fan, 31-year-old Chrystal Johnson revealed, “My husband finally came to me and said, ‘I think you love Twilight more than you love me.'” From there the couple separated and Johnson had to go through some major Twilight detox before being able to rebuild her relationship.

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