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Interview: The FP Star, Writer And Director Jason Trost

One thing I’ve learned in film school is that family is essential. Whether it’s to fill the gap in your budget, run an errand while you’re shooting or loan you some tools from the garage, making filmmaking a family affair is an asset, and Jason Trost’s got three of them. Not only did he write, direct and star in The FP, but his brother co-wrote, co-directed and shot the film, his father executive produced it and his sister was the costume designer.

The FP focuses on JTRO (Trost), the brother of the iconic Beat Beat Revolution competitor BTRO (Brandon Barrera). When BTRO loses his life in the midst of a battle with his nemesis, L Dubba E (Lee Valmassy), JTRO bolts and Frazier Park falls into the hands of the gang known as the 245. However, with the help of KCDC (Art Hsu), JTRO returns to The FP to avenge his brother, take on L Dubba E and reclaim The FP for the 248.

Never heard of anything like this before, huh? Well, Trost knows it and, more importantly, embraces it. Trost has had The FP in his back pocket for years, but it wasn’t until he made a short version that he was able to bring the feature film to fruition – with the help of his family, of course. In honor of The FP’s March 16th release, Trost sat down to talk about the entire process from making the transition from short to feature, taking on a number of jobs on the production, plans for a sequel and more. Check it all out in this video interview.

Click here to watch the interview.

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