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Review: Black Death

A well-made movie isn’t always an enjoyable one, but, then again, not every movie is meant to be enjoyable, per-se. Whatever director Christopher Smith’s exact intentions are for Black Death, what we’ve got is a terrifyingly ominous experience bound to put a knot in your stomach. Smith braves the odds and offers something that denies us the hyped action churned out by the Hollywood machine and aims straight for the darkest, most realistic telling possible, which is bound to earn the admiration of some, but be a bit too much for others to handle.

It’s 1348 and the Black Death is consuming scores of the European population. After sending his lover into the forest to escape the disease, a young monk named Osmund (Eddie Redmayne) asks God to send him a sign to tell him if he should go after her. Shortly after, a Bishop’s envoy, Uric (Sean Bean), arrives in search of a man of God to guide him and his men to a plague–free village in the Great Marsh. It’s obvious to Osmund that this is his chance and regardless of the Father’s final foreboding warning, “even if you survive, the world out there will change you,” Osmund agrees to lead the band of warriors into the forest.

However, once away from the monastery, Uric reveals his true plan; they’re not in search of a safe haven, rather quite the opposite. The village is home to people who’ve renounced God in favor of the devil and amongst them is a necromancer, an individual with the ability to raise the dead. While the warriors gallantly and fearlessly ride into the darkness, Osmund holds on tight to his hope of reuniting with the woman he loves.

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Interview: Black Death Director Christopher Smith

We get a lot of horror movies and a lot of period pieces, but how about a horror period piece? That’s kind of what director Christopher Smith is offering with his new film Black Death. The film takes place in 1348 during the first outbreak of bubonic plague in England. It stars Eddie Redmayne as a monk who leads Ulric (Sean Bean) and his band of warriors to a remote village rumored to have renounced God and house a necromancer, someone with the ability to raise the dead. Not only do the men go to battle with ruthless enemies, but they also must evade the plague.

While Smith is certainly a seasoned horror director, he never makes the same genre film twice. Creep is an eerie mystery, Severance a scary comedy, Triangle a mind-bending nightmare and now there’s Black Death, the horror period piece. Even with his years of experience, the first day on the set of Black Death did rouse concerns of how he’d manage to pull this one off. Yes, the visuals matter in every film, but set design and costumes are pivotal in the case of a historical piece. Throw that into the mix with story development, shooting battle sequences and, well, every other element involved in making a film and Smith really had his hands full.

Lucky for him, not only did he adapt quickly to his timely surroundings, but he had an excellent team of collaborators by his side to contribute as he dove head first in bringing Dario Poloni’s script to life. In honor of the film’s March 11th release, Smith took the time to tell Shockya all about his love of the genre, reworking portions of the story, making the film feel as real as possible, working with his cast and much more. Check it all out in the video interview below.

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