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Review: Straw Dogs

Whether or not you’ve seen the original, the promotion campaign for Straw Dogs lays it out quite clearly; this film boasts a bloodbath. Emotion? Character development? Some sense? Not so much. But, if you’ve got a taste for this type of horror film and don’t mind forgoing effective storytelling for some gruesome and original kills, it might be worth a watch.

Big time screenwriter David (James Marsden) and his wife Amy (Kate Bosworth) ditch Los Angeles so he can take some time to write at Amy’s remote childhood home in the Deep South. Amy had always wanted to leave home since she was in high school and once she got that opportunity she never looked back, but now that her father has passed and the house is vacant, she’s willing to return.

Upon arriving back in Blackwater, Amy’s greeted by the locals including former football coach and town drunk Coach (James Woods), his cheerleader daughter Janice (Willa Holland), the local sheriff (Laz Alonso) and her ex, Charlie (Alexander Skarsgård). Charlie’s a contractor and, in an effort to make nice with the townsfolk, David hires him and his boys to fix the roof of their barn damaged during a hurricane. Charlie happily takes the gig as well as the chance to stay close to Amy. With David’s distrust ever present and Charlie’s affection for Amy as strong as ever, Charlie gets far too close for comfort.

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