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Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek Get Low

Who doesn’t love attending events held in their honor? It all starts with baby namings, Brisses or Christenings and then it’s onto birthday parties, graduations and weddings, so why isn’t it the same for funerals? Of course the tradition is to hold the funeral after the individual has passed, but what happens if that person wants to come full circle and be part of their exit ceremony just as they were when they entered this world and during all the milestones they hit as they trudged through it?

Well, that’s exactly what Felix Bush (Robert Duvall) of Get Low is thinking, but sadly it’s not in a very celebratory manner. Bush is the town hermit, his rickety old cabin in the woods a prime target for stone-throwing kids looking for a quick thrill. There are heaps of rumors floating around about Bush that he’s committed every offense possible from killing another man to dealing with the devil. Bush may have a dark past, but that picture isn’t nearly as gloomy as the town has painted it.

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